Aura & Chakra Healing Art: Take an Energy Healing Break!

Color Healing Art: How to Heal Your Chakra, Aura & Meridians

releasing stress image

The first image helps you release anxiety, stress and self sabotage. You can clear, heal and balance your chakras, meridian and aura in just three to four minutes by looking at this series of color healing art images.  I set this up so you can set your own pace by clicking on the Next graphic below!

First or Root Chakra Clearing, Healing & Balancing

first or root chakra balancing image

The next seven images you will see help you to heal the seven chakras which are your major energy centers. If you want to heal your chakras more deeply, check out the starter kit for Angelic Upgrade Program for the Chakras.

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Second or Sacral Chakra Balancing & Healing Image

second or sacral chakras healing

You may be asking yourself how you can benefit from looking at these images. Bill created a web page to explain how you can benefit from these healing images AND he put over twenty FREE universal healing images for you to download.

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Third or Solar Plexus Chakras Healing, Clearing & Balancing

third or solar plexus chakras balancing

Many of you may be new to energy healing and wondering what is spiritual healing; how does it work; why does it work, etc. Our Frequently Asked Questions web page answers these questions.

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Fourth or Heart Chakras Healing, Clearing & Balancing

fourth or heart chakras balancing

The multidimensional heart is very important especially right now as Gaia raises her vibration. Most of the angelic healing work is focused on the heart. My favorite is a line of Angelic Love and Healing Washes.

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Fifth or Throat Chakra Balancing, Healing & Clearing

fifth or throat chakra balancing

You also may be wondering: How can spiritual healing help me? Each person's experience is unique but usually it is easier to understand the benefits of energy healing by reading about other people's experiences with it.

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Sixth or Third Eye Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Healing

fifth or third eye chakras healing image

There are a lot of spiritual healers out there - so why work with Bill? Most of his clients are healers so Bill Austin is a healer for healers. Bill has over 9 years of experience helping others, has created four healing modalities and has trained healers and Reiki Masters in over 15 countries.

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Seventh or Crown Chakras Healing, Clearing & Balancing

seventh or crown chakras balancing

Bill's most popular energy healing session is a Create Your Own session where you can request healing for anything you want. Warning: These spiritual healing sessions are addictive and once you order one, you almost certainly will order more…

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Meridians Healing Image

meridians healing image

The meridians are to the physical body what currents are to the ocean. When the meridians are blocked, life force energy gets stuck which often causes imbalances. Bill created the Daily Support Program to help people release negative energy and enhance their positive energy. Special rates available for couples, families and pets.

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Fear and Core Fear Healing Image

Bill Austin

One of the biggest sources of stuck negative energy is fear. Most negative emotions like stress, anxiety, worry, depression, grief, etc. are based in fear. Bill offers a line of Angelic Mastery of Emotions sessions to clear fear and fear-based emotions.

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Emotional Mastery Healing Image

Bill Austin

After you release fear, you can anchor in and integrate a lot of positive, love-based emotions. Bill offers a line of Emotional Mastery sessions that are particularly helpful in this area.

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Healing Energetic Weaknesses and Imbalances and Aura

aura healing image

Another great option to receive healing from Bill is to order one of his healing videos. You often get 15 healing sessions on a video for less than the cost of two sessions. Also when you order a video, you can view it more than once.

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Physical Health & Well Being

physical body healing image

If you like a LOT of the videos, please check out the Self Directed Healing Program before you place an order! If you buy 30 of Bill's most powerful healing videos at the same time, you can save 80% or over $1,000.

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Emotional Health & Well Being

emotional heart healing

Bill encourages you to try out energy healing before you order anything. A good way to begin would be to listen to a video transmission of healing sessions from Bill’s most popular healing modality – Practical Mastery.

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Mental Health & Well Being

mental mind healing image

Or perhaps you would prefer to receive some angelic healing transmissions from Bill’s oldest and most established modality – Angelic Mastery….

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Genetics and DNA Healing Image

dna activation image

One of the fastest and easiest ways to heal, grow, evolve and expand is to activate your DNA. The first DNA Activation is free!

Clearing Your Money Blocks

Bill Austin

Or maybe you want to work on clearing self sabotage and blocks you have to success and abundance. Bill has identified and created a Free healing video to help people clear the ten most common money blocks, patterns and behaviors.

Law of Attraction Healing Image

the Law of Attraction healing image

Working with the Law of Attraction is usually the easiest and fastest way to attract more money and success into your life. When you join Bill's email list, you get a FREE Report on How to Work with the Law of Attraction to Create a Life that Works!

Healing Your Relationship with Money

Bill Austin

Are you tired of being broke and in debt. The Money Healing Program is the most comprehensive approach Bill offers to help people with money. When you order the Transform Your Relationship with Money book for just $47, you get access to several money healing videos as well.

Reprogram Yourself for Success!

Bill Austin

For people who already are successful or have done a lot of inner work around money, Bill created a line of Money Healing sessions to help people with specific issues that may not be addressed by the Money Healing Program.

Quantum Health, Wealth, Love and Success Healing Image

Bill Austin

Bill created a Free Heal Resources page to help people find all the free offers on this site.

Clearing Your Aura, Energetic Spaces and Real/Personal Property

aura healing image

This image taps into the power of my most powerful tool: the Universal Clearing Profile (UCP) to clear you, your aura and all of your real/personal property as well. The UCP is the only tool Bill personally uses every day.

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Spiritual Health and Well-Being

spiritual soul monad higher self oversoul healing image

If you know of anyone who would enjoy and benefit from this slide show, please send them a link!

Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me!

peace image

If you could do one thing and only one thing on this site that doesn't cost money, what would that be? Empower yourself by signing up for our FREE Self- Mastery and Healing E-Course in the top left hand corner of every page on this site.



What is Your Chakra:

Chakras are energetic vortexes or centers of energy for each energy body. The physical body has seven major chakras and quite a few minor ones (examples: bottoms of feet, palms of hand, knees). Each energy body has a set of chakras and there is constant debate about how many energy bodies and chakras there are.

  • 1st Chakra or Root Chakra governs grounding to earth.

  • 2nd Chakra or Sacral Chakra governs creativity and sexuality.

  • 3rd Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra governs personal power and will.

  • 4th Chakra or Heart Chakra governs love.

  • 5th Chakra or Throat Chakra governs communication.

  • 6th Chakra or Third Eye governs intuition and psychic gifts.

  • 7th Chakra or Crown Chakra governs connection to Spirit and to the Creator.

What is Your Aura:

Human beings are very complex energy fields. Your aura basically is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds your energy fields, bodies, parts and particles.  It is multi-dimensional in nature and has many layers.  Every living being has an aura - the planet has an aura, each plant has an aura, an ant has an aura, etc.

There are many layers to the human aura.  The first layer of the human aura is the physical body and energy field.  The next layer out of the aura is the etheric level.  The next layer out of the aura would be the emotional level.  The next layer out of the aura is the mental level.  And the next layers out of the aura are for the spiritual bodies and energy fields.

Clairvoyants have developed their inner vision to the point that they can see the various layers of the aura - physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Since our auras are so energetically complex sometimes psychics tap into different areas of awareness and see different things.  For example the Huna shamans in Hawaii often see very different things than the Buddhist mystics in Nepal.





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