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Heal Your Relationship
With Money
and Watch Abundance Flow To You Easily and Effortlessly

Money trouble? Never seem to get ahead? Money slips through your fingers? For most people, money has become an enormously high-pressure area of our lives, fraught with negativity, fear and self-defeating beliefs.


It could be compared to how we proceed and react in any relationship - with a cumulative body of attitudes and experiences that totally shape the way we behave and think. From the time we're very small, the subject of money takes on more and more of this emotional and energetic "baggage" which becomes the very roadblock that prevents us from creating the financial life we want and deserve.

You see, most of what we learn about money only serves to create more and more pressure around it. In fact, the typical approaches you may have tried before actually drive money away from you by worsening your negative beliefs and attitudes about money. The thing is, a pure new approach to your relationship with money changes everything. You CAN clear the frustration and limiting energy from your past, and start anew with a fresh slate.

My name is Bill Austin and I am a spiritual healer, teacher, artist and writer. I have helped people around the world to become more successful and prosperous for over nine years.

When you think about money and your personal finances, how do you feel? If you feel peaceful, calm and content, then you have a good relationship with money. If you feel stressed, anxious, worried or fearful when you think about money, you can benefit from this book.

Whatever you currently are experiencing with your money and personal finances is the external out-picturing of your beliefs, feelings and attitudes around money, prosperity, abundance and success.

YOU heal your relationship with money by identifying your money blocks and how you sabotage yourself and then you clear these patterns. This book provides simple but very powerful ways to release the old programming that holds you back financially. As you release negative money beliefs, you automatically begin to attract more money, abundance, wealth and success into your life.

Transform Your Relationship with Money contains many Financial Snapshots to help you apply the principles in the book to your specific financial situation as well as 25 powerful money healing images. This book has a link to a web site where you can download and watch five money healing videos: Two of Bill?s most powerful money healing videos, another one that transmits the energies from the abundance images in the book and two powerful visualization exercises to help you release negative financial beliefs, feelings, memories, attitudes and experiences.  You also can download two mp3 audio recordings ? one with over 50 powerful affirmations for abundance as well as a guided meditation to help you connect with and express more of your soul, which is totally abundant. This book includes a free report on How to Play with the Law of Attraction to Create a Life that Works.

The $47.00 price includes Internet access to seven money healing recordings that retail for over $90.



Video on How to Clear the Top Ten Money Blocks:



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