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Energetic Introduction to the Practical Mastery™ Healing Modality

I am delighted to be able to offer this book to help introduce people to Practical Mastery™. What I love about this modality is that it helps people to function as masters of the third dimensional school we call Earth. There are five major types of sessions: Clearing, Profile Purges, Abundance, Emotional Mastery and Enlightenment. Profile purge sessions help clear out the less-than-love mental programs, patterns, beliefs and thought forms. Emotional Mastery sessions help people to release the fear-oriented emotions and anchor and operate from the love-oriented ones.

I began downloading the Practical Mastery™ healing modality in late 2005. It began as a series of twelve clearing sessions and morphed into a full blown healing modality with over six hundred sessions. I have attuned Practical Mastery™ healing practitioners in over fourteen countries and there are several Practical Mastery™ web sites in languages that I cannot read.

When I meditated on a description for Practical Mastery™, here is what I got:

“Practical Mastery™ is not so much a healing modality but a set of tools for activating and accessing the divine within you. These tools will propel you into greater levels of your mastery. “Practical Mastery™” is designed to allow individuals to receive great levels of healing that is 100% aligned to the Creator.”

The $49.95 price includes Internet access to four healing videos that retail for $108.









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Rave Reviews

"Bill's work is amazing! I have tried many approaches towards energy healing practices and Bill's services are by far the most effective, efficient, and consistent out of all of the work I have yet to experience. (read more)

"Thank you for today's session. I am taking things slowly as the changes feel profound especially around my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me.(read more)

"I have worked with Bill for about 18 months now, and I must say that we have come a long way together. Bill is not just another healer, he has become a friend along the Journey. Awesome is the word to describe Bill's work. (read more)

I have been listening to these Money Healing Program energy releases for a month to 6 weeks. IThese energy healings have allowed me to work Only Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning. I am very grateful for this. My intention is now to use this new free time to establish an on-line business where I can earn a living and get back to my energy work with Reiki. (read more)

"What's happening to me?....I'm having sensations about the world (smells, thoughts, sights) that I had as a child and completely forgot that you could experience the world that way. The cloud of depression I've been under for a couple of years is gone... (read more)

"Before my session with Bill I was feeling pretty down and during the session it was like he just lifted everything leaving me feeling light and happy. Bill is one of the most warmest, compassionate, and deeply effective healers I have come across. (read more)

"I want you to know how amazing the Universal Clearing Profile (UCP) tool is... Understand, I have been doing inner clearing work FOREVER it seems... I have used Star Energies, EFT, PSYCH-K, BSFF and all these have worked.. BUT ... the UCP provides such a deep comprehensive clearing. I am amazed! (read more)