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 Healer Training and Self Growth Programs

Universal Clearing Profile: My most powerful clearing tool. I use the Universal Clearing Profile every day to clear quickly, easily and effortlessly any less-than-love stuff that surfaces throughout the day.

Practical Mastery™ Training: Learn how to transmit to yourself, your loved ones and clients the first four level of Crystalline DNA Activations as well as the hundreds of Practical Mastery™ clearing, healing, abundance and enlightenment sessions.

Crystalline Rainbow Reiki™: My newest healing modality - a very pristine, Heart Paradigm version of Reiki.

Blasting Sessions Practitioner Training - Become attuned to transmit the line of my most popular healing sessions - a series of highly focused healing and clearing blasting sessions which are based on my ten years of working with clients.

Angelic Mastery Practitioner Training: Become attuned to transmit over 333 Angelic Conscious Embodiment sessions to yourself and others. Personal attunements for you and your family and professional practitioner attunements for healers.

Healer Support:  A package of sound healing audio mp3 recordings to  help healers to prepare for a healing session with another person as well as to help healers clear out any less than love energies they may have picked up during the session.

Self Directed Healing Program (Save over $1,000 when you order thirty of my most powerful and effective healing videos at the same time.)

Creator Heart Alignment:  This powerful profile helps to align everything with the Heart of the Creator. Designed to work in conjunction with the Universal Clearing Profile.

Pet and Animal Healing Programs - Help out your pets and animal friends with a line of healing products created by Bill Austin and Animal Communicator Melinda Knights in Australia.




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