Ascension Upgrade Program

"Greetings Blessed Ones, this is Melchizedek. There is a lot happening on the Earth plane. Truly the game is heating up so to speak. Many of you are just beginning to wake up and are looking for the divine ideal ways to jump-start your awakening and accelerate your spiritual evolution and personal ascension process. One frustrating aspect of this for many of  you is that it is often challenging to find modalities and enlightenment sessions that are fine-tuned to who you are and which dovetail with your own unique expression of the Creator.

The Ascension Upgrade Program channeled in by the one you know as Bill Austin is one way to accomplish your spiritual growth goals and objectives. Bill's energy is configured in such a way that he can work with an unusually wide broadband or full spectrum of the clearing, healing, genetics, enlightenment, forgiveness energies needed to support spiritual growth, evolution, ascension and mastery on many levels. What this means is that he is able to transmit to you the energies that support your spiritual evolution on all levels - no matter what your path or plan with the Creator is.

When you participate in this program for one time, one month or two months, you will receive not only the energies to assist you in growing spiritually but also the energetic support in clearing, healing, forgiveness, etc. that support rapid, accelerated growth in an easy and graceful manner without creating a healing crisis."


I am delighted to be able to offer the Ascension Upgrade Program to people at this time. For several years, I have been looking for the perfect way to help people who wish to jump-start their spiritual evolution and inner transformation. I offer so many sessions in the area of enlightenment that often people struggle to find out what is most perfect to support them where they are. Often sessions are chosen by the ego mind/personality self/mental body rather than the highest level aspect of our monad which knows exactly what is most perfect for our growth and evolution at any given time.

Well when you choose to participate in the Ascension Upgrade Program, the Creator works with the highest level aspect of your monad to determine what would best assist you in any given moment. You can order the Ascension Upgrade Program to use for one time only ($144) or for a whole month of spiritual support ($180) or two months of spiritual support ($333).

When you order one of these options, you will be directed to a download page where you can listen to the video recording. You just need to watch/listen to the video presentation once and once only to receive all of the energies.  The energies for 30 or 60 days is encoded in the recording all at once so you do not have to listen or watch the video more than one time. If you have any questions or problems downloading the videos, please email

Ascension Upgrade Program - One Time Only ($144)
Ascension Upgrade Program - One Month ($180)
Ascension Upgrade Program - Two Months ($333)





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