I wanted you to know that the tune-up program is an amazing session that has helped me when I've had a cold or when I have had a negative emotional experience. The Energetic Tune-Up instinctively knows where I have an energy blockage both physically and emotionally and best of all I feel relief fast. I have been able to function a lot better at work when I have used the session especially on long days. Another thing I like about this session is that I don't have to wait for it to start. It starts working as soon as the order is placed and my energy levels return to normal. Sometimes I'm not even sure what is out of balance with me but I know the tune up will find it. " Patrick Meehan, Canada

Ever have a bad hair day or one that began out really well and then turned into a downward spiral?  The energetic tune-up program was designed to assist people to clear, heal and release energetic resistance, charges or imbalances. I view the Energetic Tune-Up Program as one way of many to help people to reset energetically their day or to help you keep your energy up when you have something important that you want to accomplish during the day.

A lot of technologies are emerging that can scan and help the energetic bodies to heal.  I used to use one of these called the Q60+ program.  I stopped offering this program for a while because I used to have to run the CD for the program every time an order was placed and when I was out of town it was hard to do.  Also people who order this really want it to run immediately and I sometimes wasn't able to run it as soon as I and they would have liked and I always felt from the beginning that there was something better out there that I could use.

In early January 2008, I asked the Creator for the divine ideal energetic tune-up program and was able to download a really pristine one from the Creator realms. Some features of the Energetic Tune-Up Program are:

  • Incorporate and exceed the functionality of the original Q60+ system;

  • Calibrated specifically for the person receiving the tune-up and their needs;

  • Created in the NOW by the Creator in collaboration with the highest level aspect of the monad of the person receiving the tune-up;

  • Integrate with ease and grace;

  • Aligned with the highest good of all concerned and supports the evolution of each being;

  • Has the highest possible love and light quotient;

  • Incorporate the Illimitable Perfection of the Creator;

  • And would run AUTOMATICALLY and instantly for the client in the divine ideal level of intensity and duration as soon as a successful order with payment was made.

I then downloaded and perfected the energetic tune-up process.  When I asked what the divine ideal price was I got $30.



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