How Bill's Color Healing Art Images Work

Basically each of the color healing art images is encoded or programmed with certain clearing, healing and enlightenment energies that are captured in the title of the image. They provide healing in several ways. One way is that a lot of energy is being transmitted through colors: One of the Councils of Love that Bill Austin works with utilizes higher dimensional colors than we normally have available on this planet, and they are working with him to infuse the images with the higher dimensional attributes of the colors that they use for healing, clearing and enlightenment.

The second level of healing from the color healing images comes from their impact on the programming in your brains, minds, neurons, neuro-nets and brain chemistry. As you look at the images - the shapes and the color vibrations - you are stimulating and rewiring your brains and minds to clear out a lot of old, outdated subconscious programming, and wiring to bring in higher-level concepts that will support accelerated evolution.

The third level of healing is through what is referred to as magnetic resonance. Magnetism is instantaneous and non-local. Its speed has as lower limit the speed of light, and has no upper limit. It is unbounded in potential. The speed of magnetism relates to its vibratory rate, which is its power to uplift other lower frequencies.  The images re-magnetize your brain to draw into life all the goodness that is on your path in alignment with your true self.

The color healing art images respond to the individual and will begin to work in you from your current point of consciousness. As soon as you look at an image, the clearing, restructuring, or awakening commences. The more frequently and the longer that you look at an image, the more deeply it works in you. You do not have to think about the subject matter of the image to benefit from them. Most people don't know what their underlying issues are since many of the issues are blind spots. But you can also work more consciously with them and request specific clearings within their scope. Once the healing frequencies have been integrated, then looking briefly or even a glance at the images can reinforce and deepen them. There is really no saturation point with these images, as they are also portals to infinite coding.

You can frame the images, print them in black and white (even if they work through color vibrations), laminate them, reduce them, cut them up or do whatever and they will still energetically hold the same vibration as the original image. The reason is that we live within a holographic universe and each part of the image is a hologram that contains the vibration of the whole.

Each of My Color Healing Art Images Has Elixir Properties

Another way to work with the color healing art images is to make an elixir with them, as they have elixir properties. Basically this means that if a glass or pitcher of water is placed on the image it will attune the water. You can place any number of images under the water and it will restructure with the frequencies of all the images.  You might want to leave the water overnight, and drink it in the morning.

You can also cut a piece of the image and paste to the bottom of your water bottle, and the water will continually restructure with the frequencies in the image. Basically, wherever the images are they will go into the morphogenetic energetic fields and spaces. You can even carry them in your purse or pocket and will be benefited by them. However, working with them visually is more powerful than simply carrying them around.

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Video Presentation About my Vibrationally Encoded Healing Images


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