DNA Mastery Activations

These series of powerful DNA Mastery Activations are part of the heart-oriented approach to ascension I have been downloading since the beginning of 2008. Each of these powerful mastery activations help provide the energetic support light-workers, healers and starseeds need to accomplish their world service contracts with the Creator.

I asked Nancy Walker, one of the most intuitively and psychically gifted Practical Mastery™ practitioners to check the energies of these templates and give a brief description of what she got when she connected energetically to the frequencies of these transmissions and the images I created for them. The cost of each of these DNA Mastery Activations is just $60.

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  • Angelic Blessings and DNA Mastery Activations
    • Nancy Walker's description of this DNA Mastery Activation: "This activation came in on streams of intensely bright light.  The streams were both from without and within. I was brought to my center within the very essence of my own DNA.  As I was coming into it, and from this very different perspective, I have to say that our microscopes give a much harder edge picture of the DNA/RNA genes.  There was movement 'down' here, an almost imperceptible sway of all the components. While experiencing this, I became aware of the angelic encodements existing here, and heard,  "Because of the duality of your planet, humanity has always looked outward for attributes that are within. These encodements hold the angelic attributes that are part of your being, but that have been disconnected.  We will reconnect them for you, that you may take your rightful place amongst us.  You are not separate from us!! You will be reawakened to the embodiments of the archangels--courage, ability to protect, healing, communication, manifestation, heart centeredness and more. Please accept these powerful transmissions from our collective heart." Immediately explosions on an inner level took place.  This went on for quite a while... very interesting. These were the transmissions.  I took away this thought--I am Love."

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  • Christos Blessings and DNA Mastery Activations
    • Nancy Walker's description of this DNA Mastery Activation: "Immediate feeling of expansion in the heart chakra.  Realized that my heart chakra DNA was being targeted. As each one was activated/opened, my heart chakra grew ever more expansive, finally I WAS the heart chakra. Becoming the heart chakra 'threw' me into the group Christ Consciousness. What a fabulous place, what incredible sensations/energy/seeings. This is one of those activations that 'puts you back on your path.' Huge surges of energy as I was brought back into alignment with my heart, the Universal Heart, the Christos Heart, and the Creator Heart. Any anger, jealousy, greed, fear, any distorted emotions were cleared. I flowed in and out of merging with the different aspects of each heart...  Came away with incredible love and clarity."

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  • Creator Blessings and DNA Mastery Activations
    • Nancy Walker's description of this DNA Mastery Activation: "A beam of light so pristine, crystalline and pure it hurt my eyes shot into me, only to be met with an identical beam shooting out from me. An explosion occurred and I can only say I was put back together again in a different way.  Like a Kaleidoscope which gives a different pattern each time it moves, but is made up of the same pieces. One of the more powerful experiences I've had. I have the sense that this activation brings me back to who I AM. It awakened then cleared my gifts and will allow be to serve from the purity of them.  Like I said, this was just powerful and am perceiving everything much differently than before this activation.  I AM."

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  • Divine Father Blessings and DNA Mastery Activations
    • Nancy Walker's description of this DNA Mastery Activation: "Watched as a vortex approached and encompassed me. As I stood within this vortex I realized that all movement is from within to without, not the other way. What we 'see' has to come from within. The vortex disappeared - rather split in two, one vortex over my crown chakra, and the other interacting with my causal chakra (back of head).  Incredible sensations... the hair on my arms was raised, a lot of energy flowing throughout my whole body.  Sensation of forms being poured into the two chakras. As I focused on the two chakras, I was shown that there is a wealth of potentialities buried within all of us, and this resequencing will allow us to uncover and UTILIZE these potentialities. I was shown some potentialities unique to me and how they aligned with my contracts. I then saw a huge deck of cards being shuffled, and heard very lovingly and humorously, "You have a saying that you play the hand God dealt you. But I never said you couldn't reshuffle and deal again."  We are incredible multidimensional beings, and we need to realize that and come from that awareness.  This Mastery Activation allows us to do that."

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  • Divine Mother Blessings and DNA Mastery Activations
    • Nancy Walker's description of this DNA Mastery Activation: "Hit broadside from the left with an amazing surge of energy, and then from the crown down. Felt like a specimen pinned to the table! A Sunflower appeared and was placed in my third eye. The sunflower represents service to others. After it was placed , a mini revelation occurred. I was reconfigured to 'see' what my service was to others. This was a very specific feeling in my third eye. Then, I felt pins and needles in my cells. Hard to describe. When I inquired, I was told that this was the SERVICE  DNA being cleared from third dimensional distortion and re awakened so that I might follow its' blueprint. I was shown this awakening, and it was beautiful. Divine Mother also advised me that it is important to be balanced in today's world, and the the 'pinned' sensation was a rebalancing of my masculine and feminine attributes. This balance would make it easier to accomplish my mission. Slowly the pinned feeling receded. Still feeling a lot of activity around the third eye.  I would say that if you've misplaced your mission, this Activation will help you find it!!"

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  • Elohim Blessings and DNA Mastery Activations
    • Nancy Walker's description of this DNA Mastery Activation: "Was immediately taken to my heart chakra, and looked outward. I was gazing at the sun in all its' beauty and glory and got that it is but a pale reflection compared to the sun that exists within our own heart/multidimensional heart.  With that an explosion took place in my heart and the veil was torn away and I could see my own 'soul sun'. I couldn't look at it head on, because of it's brilliance. WOW.  Next I got really Hot, and saw that I basically was on fire. Was told not to worry that this was simply a clearing of all the detritus that kept me from working from this soul sun. This was an incredible experience and heard this: "Remember, what is within is without. We have activated the DNA existing in this sun of your heart. It is time to step into this sun and allow all your service to others and to your self to flow from this center. When we look at humanity, we see you as soul suns, even though most of your sun of the hearts are covered by the veil.  Allow us to assist you in removing this veil that you may step into your power." 

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  • Heart Paradigm Resequencing DNA Mastery Activations
    • Nancy Walker's description of this DNA Mastery Activation: "The new Heart Paradigm that is being brought in is HOME. That was the sense and the word that I got when I activated this one.  I felt ALL my chakras being 'activated', because this paradigm is about wholeness, oneness, unity.  Watched as all my chakras flowed into my heart. Also was shown that there is a much broader definition of DNA.  There's the third dimensional one (all about physical characteristics), and then the cosmic definition. And it was this cosmic definition that was activated. I saw it as little itty bitty thruster rockets, and each time we get a little off the heart path, one of these DNA sequences fires, and we're guided back on. We are all here because we wanted to be  a part of, and of service for ascension.  This is what is activated.  I then felt/saw all of the resequencing taking place. What a great gift.  Bill, this one is very very powerful, I may have to sit with it for a while to understand it completely.  More here than met the psychic eye! The mini revelation was well - there I was 'Nancy', and all of a sudden, there I was a new Nancy... new perception, clearer blueprint ahead of me. Almost like I was catapulted (finally) into a new dimension. Very loving, gentle.  I KNOW my thought processes are coming from a different sense of me - kind of hard to put into words."

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  • Holy Spirit Shekinah Blessings and DNA Mastery Activations
    • Nancy Walker's description of this DNA Mastery Activation: "Lots of color in the green/yellow spectrum (at least those are the words that come closest to describing it). Watch as this swirls around me and as it lifts me upwards. I become the LIGHT that we really are and also the LOVE that makes up this LIGHT. I am held far above the galaxy and watch as the Master Blueprint for all of my lives (past/present/future) on this planet is revealed. It stretches over all my lives, sometimes broken in places.  I see where I've not finished what I set out to do and there is no judgment--how could there be? There is only love. Then I am experiencing its repair.  This is awesome. I feel as if the LIGHT/LOVE that is me is a laser and it is being centered in the multidimensional Heart that contains all these lifetimes. I just floated in this Heart for a while... I feel wonderful, clear, with a renewed sense of purpose. I know that while I am in this space it all makes sense, and when I come out of it, it may not.  But the Blessing has awakened in me gifts that are mine for the asking."

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  • Mother/Father GOD Blessings and DNA Mastery Activations
    • Nancy Walker's description of this DNA Mastery Activation: "This one was very interesting. I felt stretched between Mother Earth, receiving her centeredness, and the Sun, accepting the growth. Then I received pictures of turkeys.  I kept trying to push it away, and of course couldn't. I  learned this was the 'earth eagle' and means shared blessings.  Which is what this Blessings is about. The masculine/feminine energy in my cells was balanced, and the DNA was repatterned. This went on for quite a while, and I floated in and out of my body during this. I heard: "Shared Blessings is indeed what this activation is about.  We give to you balance of masculine and feminine throughout your body, aura and light body. We ask that you embody this balance, and work from this balance. What is within is without.""

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  • Starseed Resequencing DNA Mastery Activations
    • Nancy Walker's description of this DNA Mastery Activation: "I sat through this one in tears -of joy. I went HOME.   The first images I received were of things I can only call technical. I was shown these from all angles and was told to remember them. Then I was surrounded by love and all my energy bodies were cleared by this love. I was 'held' by those I had left behind, and in this holding I was renewed. My causal chakra was really opened wide, and my heart chakra blossomed forth with all the love. I watched in awe as the DNA of my chakras was repatterened so that I could remember why it was that I chose to re incarnate at this time.  I would HIGHLY recommend this one to all of you starseeds out there.  It's been a long haul and we  all need some encouragement."

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  • Throne of GOD Resequencing DNA Mastery Activations
    • Nancy Walker's description of this DNA Mastery Activation: "Passed through a series of crystalline structures and arrived at a structure made of Light. I was able to touch/feel this Light. I sensed that I was in this structure  to be upgraded. I felt a spiraling sensation, and saw the following.  First, I was shown my old patterns of DNA that relate to ascension attitudes, and while some were whole and shining, some were pretty battered.  I felt an absoulute wave of love, almost overpowering in its intensity, wash through me, removing the battered DNA.  On another wave of love came repatterned, reformed , undistorted DNA.  There was an almost liquid feel to this seating of new DNA--as each one came in, I felt my body ripple out to accomodate it. I knew that I had been gifted, upgraded with purer ascension attitudes so that I might embody these undistorted ones.  Really really nice."

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  • Violet/Gold Flame DNA Mastery Activations
    • Nancy Walker's description of this DNA Mastery Activation: "Violet flame poured into my left side, while gold poured into my right side, then the colors switched sides, and switched again, faster and faster, until it was a blur of violet/gold.  I was taken to a cosmic viewpoint and shown in (human) history where major distortions of truths had occurred. We all carry this in the collective consciousness/unconsciousness.  This Activation clears and transmutes that distortion in our very genes, replacing it with truth about ourselves. I felt this transition going on in my heart, and looked within. There was a dance of energy going on in the DNA of my multidimensional heart. Just incredible colors, patterns of adjustment. And the truth is that we are spiritual beings of Love having a physical experience.  We've allowed ourselves to be cloaked in density, and this activation removes that density!  Felt very light and clear after this one."

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What You Get:

There are two pieces to this really.

  • You get access to a mp3 audio recording that transmits the DNA Mastery Activation to you. While this audio recording only needs to be listened to one time in order to gain the full benefits, you can re-listen to it in the future if you feel guided to do so.
  • I also created an image for each of these activations. The image is an energetic snapshot of each DNA Mastery Activation and helps you to download in the NOW whatever is most beneficial for you so every time you look at the image you will deepen your experiences in working with these templates and be upgraded energetically.

As soon as you place an order, you will receive a link where you may download the mp3 audio recording and the accompanying image for this DNA Mastery Activation. If you have any questions, please email bill.austin@prodigy.net.

On April 11, 2008, my digital products shopping cart company upgraded to a new program. Please email me at bill.austin@prodigy.net if you have any problems placing your order or receiving your digital products. Thanks!

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Holy Spirit Shekinah Blessings and DNA Mastery Activation
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Starseed Resequencing and DNA Mastery Activation
Throne of GOD Resequencing and DNA Mastery Activation
Violet/Gold Flame DNA Mastery Activation

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