Recommendations for Individuals on the Spiritual Path

I have been on the spiritual path for over nineteen years. My initial spiritual awakening began on a Greyhound bus going from Washington DC to Philadelphia in 1991. It felt like a million watts of love going into a ten watt vessel. It only lasted twenty minutes or so but to me it felt like a lifetime. I felt like I was being rewired and I emerged from this experience a very different person. A lot of things that used to be important to me like money and careers and status and education no longer meant anything at all to me. I had encountered the vast potential of who I was and all that stuff just felt irrelevant.

From my personal challenges and experiences, I feel very strongly that spiritual growth is largely an inward journey into your heart. I also have learned over the years that I really do not have to go out seeking growth opportunities. Indeed my soul is very masterful at creating the most perfect possible situations and relationships to propel me forward. However there are times when I get stuck and need assistance from others who are more detached than I am to assist.

The first step really in growing spiritually is healing yourself. I highly recommend that you join my Daily Support Program as well since that is a very cost effective way to receive hundreds of dollars of healing each month for just $3 a day. Another great choice is to try some of my spiritual growth videos.

Most spiritual people I have encountered over the years struggle with money and this is often because most of the highly evolved souls on this planet do not originate from Earth - they come from realms where money is not an issue at all or they have lots of lifetimes as a nun or monk with lots of vows of poverty. Most would benefit greatly from my Money Healing Program (my book plus Internet access to money healing videos.)

Highly evolved souls tend to be empaths and psychic sponges who have poor energetic boundaries with others and take on a lot of negative energy from humanity and even from the planet herself as Gaia cleanses her energies. Blasting Sessions and my Self Help, Clearing and Healing book and accompanying recordings can help in this area.

I also have created some offerings to help support people on the spiritual path:

      Video Value Package 2

      Quantum Value Package for Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment

      MEGA Enlightenment Sessions

      User Friendly Self Help Tools for Clearing, Healing, Freedom and Joy

      Personal Use Version of Practical Mastery Training


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