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Overview of Practical Mastery™

Practical Mastery™ is not so much a healing modality but a set of tools for activating and accessing the divine within you. Each person’s experience with Practical Mastery™ will be as unique as the individual him/herself. These tools will propel you into greater levels of your mastery that no one healing modality on this planet can offer at this time. These tools are a special dispensation offered to those masters here on the planet that are ready to soar to their next levels of their mastery that are beyond the teachings of any one healing modality available on this planet as of November 2005. “Practical Mastery™” is designed to assist one in being “impeccable” in healing your self and others. Practical Mastery™ is designed to allow individuals to receive great levels of healing that is 100% aligned to the Creator. These powerful tools have been created to be given and received in simplicity so that all individuals can be propelled into greater levels of mastery with ease and grace, all honoring their divine timing. The Practical Mastery™ tools are designed to ignite the mastery profiles in each and every one of you to do what you came here to do - to be in service to the Creator and his Great Plan.



Free Video Transmission of 23 Practical Mastery™ Healing Sessions

This free video transmission of 23 Practical Mastery™ sessions includes eight clearing transmissions: General Energy Healing, Clearing and Balancing Session and a series of seven Clearing the Energetic Spaces using the Platinum Ray of the Creator, the Gold Ray of Mother/Father GOD, the Platinum Rose Ray of the Divine Mother, the Platinum Blue Ray of the Divine Father, the White Flame of Purification from the Holy Spirit Shekinah, the Rainbow Rays of Creation.

It also includes five Practical Mastery™ Profile Purge sessions for Guilt; Limitations, Glass Ceilings and Blocks to Realizing Your Full Potential; Music, Art, Movies and Television, Negative Mental Attitude, Pessimism and Downer Emotions; Internet and World Wide Web and Self Esteem. It includes five Practical Mastery™ Emotional Mastery Sessions for Intuition and Discernment; Joy; Laughter; Self Love, Appreciation and Acceptance and Tolerance. It concludes with four Practical Mastery™ Abundance sessions for Risk Taking Profile Purge; Financial Stress, Anxiety and Tension Profile Purge; Saying YES to Money and Infinite Flow.




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