Empowerment Healing Module for Stress, Fear, Downer Emotions, Scarcity Consciousness, Self Sabotage and Addictions

I created this book help people to release their deep levels of fear, stress, depression, scarcity consciousness, self sabotage and addictions.

This book contains forty powerful color healing art images based on my major healing modalities to help people release limitations, realize more of their full potential, and enhance the quality of their daily lives.


When I ask and meditate as to what the biggest planet-wide problems are, usually fear, self sabotage and addictions come up. Several of my YouTube presentations are about healing addictions because the angels are very concerned about them.

Addictions are almost always sourced in patterns of emotional trauma, wounding and suffering.  The underlying source of stress, self sabotage, scarcity consciousness, depression and other downer emotions is usually fear.

I have been working as a spiritual healer for over ten years and find as I work on myself and others that the same themes come up repeatedly.  I believe A Course in Miracles is accurate in saying that there are two basic emotions?love and fear?and the key to creating a life that works is by transforming fear into love. There is a lot of fear, anxiety and stress on the planet?especially around money, employment and relationships.

The amount of stress rises and continues to rise as Earth ascends. Much of the heightened stress we all experience originates from resistance to change. Change occurs at a hugely accelerated rate as the planet releases dense negative energies and raises its vibration to move more deeply into the Heart Paradigm. A lot of financial chaos and the collapse of the financial and commodity markets occurred largely because banks, financial organizations and many large companies are not oriented in love and no longer in sync with the planet and the emerging Heart Paradigm.

People who wish to stay on the planet as it evolves have to shift as well. Humanity does not handle change very gracefully.  Our deep-rooted resistance to change just prolongs the process and makes it much harder. The medical response to this has been to prescribe antidepressants, anxiety and blood pressure medications which treat the symptoms and effects rather than the underlying cause and source.

The cost of this book is just $27.

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