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Feng Shui Cures for the Five Elements

As Monica and I have interacted with the elements I find that I feel a closer connection to the natural world and the planet. I relate differently to the planet and to nature than I did before - a subtle change but I feel more interconnected with the planet or I feel, realize and see it much more strongly than I did before.

The elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit/Ether tap into some of the most powerful and primordial aspects of who we are. Truly each of these elements is a grand healer and teacher and as you work with these elements you can heal a great deal not only in your home but also in your ultimate home - the body of the planet and the physical body you live within.


We live in a time of hugely accelerated change and the pace of life gains more and more momentum every day. At times it can feel overwhelming but if you ground with Earth; go with the flow of Water, live authentically with the passion of Fire, observe your life with the detachment of Air and nurture the flow of life force energy or chi within you life can become much more easy and flowing for you.

Explore the Five Eastern Elements


Can you imagine getting up in the morning full of energy and enthusiasm?
If you have to imagine it, something's up with the wood element in your body, which rules the liver, the gallbladder and the muscles, and is the source of decision power, energy and dynamism. (It is very hard to be energetic with an overburdened liver.)


Could you feel naturally happy no matter what the circumstances around you?
Happiness happens when your heart, small intestine and blood vessels are in optimum shape. But beware, this produces an inevitable side effect... laughter.


Would you like to have better relationships, better digestion, learn more easily and control the fat in your body?
This all happens thanks to the stability of the earth element. The earth element rules the stomach and the spleen and expands into body fat. The earth element yields, nourishes and receives.

Might you learn from your past so you could plan for the future?
The metal element allows you to see an objective view of your past, to enjoy the good times once again through memories and to learn from the bad times without resentment or grief. If you did, you would feel peace in your lungs and strength in your large intestine.

Can you see yourself living a fear-free life, loving what you do and doing what you love?
Perhaps with more money at your reach! -- this happens naturally when the water element is "in sync," water is also behind kidney and bladder health -- even strong bones and hair.


Explore the Five Western Elements

The element of Earth teaches us about the importance of staying connected to Nature.
Tap into the healing power of Earth to ground your energy and to stay connected to Nature no matter what is going on around you.

The element of Water teaches us about the importance of being fluid, flexible and going with the flow of life.
Tap into the healing power of Water to release old, stuck, blocked, congested and rigid areas of your life that no longer serve your highest good.

The element of Fire teaches us about the importance of passion and enthusiasm for life.
Tap into the healing power of Fire to ignite the passion in your heart and to burn away all that no longer serves you.


The element of Air teaches us about the importance of being clear, neutral and detached.
Tap into the healing power of Air whenever you find yourself taking things personally or giving away your power to others.

The element of Ether/Spirit teaches us about the sacredness of life and reminds us that we are expressions of Source Energy.
Tap into the healing power of Ether/Spirit to reconnect with your true spiritual nature and to renew your life force energy.



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