Creator Heart Alignment Profile

"I was lying in bed and saw you and felt the attunement take place, I saw your painted image and heard "Open Your Heart." 10 minutes later I went to my computer and saw your email that you had attuned me to the Creator Heart Alignment Profile, when I downloaded the file and saw your painted image I heard again "Open your Heart." I saw Gold coming out of the image and beautiful beings there connected to a huge amount of light, very beautiful. I ran the Heart Alignment Profile on my home and felt a clearing take place on my home - this tool is so beautiful Bill, it has a clearing profile not like the UCP as it clears what you want cleared that are not aligned with the Heart of the Creator then it aligns what you asked to be aligned. It also has a very powerful grounding and centering effect which I have never felt with any other tool, it also seals everything at the end, the connection to the heart of the creator at the end of a session with it is so beautiful it left me feeling peaceful and strong and so grounded, where the UCP clears things out the Heart Alignment Profile gives you a sense of strength from the heart so to speak where nothing else matters, so peaceful so aligned and it's like ego has no place in this space."  (Omra Mara Joseph, Australia)

I have been working with the energies of the Heart of the Creator for several years now. I was guided to work in this area when I was downloading the Practical Mastery™ body of work and I needed a safe place where PM practitioners could transmit the PM sessions to others. I got that this was the safest place for them to work in.

About a month after I brought in the Universal Clearing Profile, I was experimenting with a new form of meditation where I align my heart with the Heart of the Creator and then radiate waves of love from my multidimensional heart to the planet. I was in such an expansive space after this meditation that I got wouldn’t it be neat if I could create a session to help me move to this expansive open-hearted space automatically. And as I focused on what this would like I saw the etheric level blueprints and coding for it so I went ahead and downloaded them.

When I asked what the name should be I got that this was the Creator Heart Alignment Profile and it was the complementary profile to the Universal Clearing Profile. This is really a very powerful energetic upgrade profile that can be accessed and utilized very easily and effortlessly by people who are attuned to use it. An example of how you could use it is if there is any area of your life that you would like to enhance, upgrade and improve you can apply the Creator Heart Alignment Profile to align that area with the Heart of the Creator which provides an instant energetic upgrade for whatever area you work on.

Use with Other People: This tool is so powerful that you can use it to help other people - ONCE YOU GET THEIR PERMISSION.

It works especially well with and complements the Universal Clearing Profile. Say for example you are working on yourself or a client in the area of self love. If you are attuned to use the Universal Clearing Profile, you could use that tool to clear out the programming around lack of self love, esteem, acceptance and worth and then use the Creator Heart Alignment Profile to enhance, upgrade and align your capacity for self love, acceptance, esteem and worth with the Heart of Creator.

This profile or tool is so elegantly simple and user friendly that there is only a three page set of instructions and another page with a vibrationally encoded image of the Creator Heart Alignment Profile that you can share with others. The cost of being attuned to invoke, access and utilize the Creator Heart Alignment Profile is $333 and I will try to attune you within three days after I receive your order.

Important Note: When I attune someone to access and utilize the Creator Heart Alignment Profile, they can access and use the CH?AP tool to assist other people.  However, they are NOT able to attune other people to access and utilize the Creator Heart Alignment Profile.

Attunement to Access and Utilize the Creator Heart Alignment Profile ($333)



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