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Angelic Mastery Practitioner Training

Anita Briggs and I are currently working on developing the full Angelic Mastery Practitioner Training Program but we are releasing this in two stages. The first part of the training program involves attuning people to transmit the Angelic Conscious Embodiment sessions to themselves and others. Click Here to view the full list of the 333 Angelic Conscious Embodiment sessions.

There are two levels of attunement for this training package. The personal, family or household attunement only costs $180 and allows a person to transmit the Angelic Conscious Embodiment sessions to herself/himself and members of his or her family who live in the same house.

The practitioner or professional level attunement  costs $333 and allows a person to transmit the Angelic Conscious Embodiment sessions to anyone and can be used to help clients as well as family members.


General Description for the Angelic Conscious Embodiment Line of Healing Sessions (excerpted from the manual written by Anita Briggs)

The Angelic Conscious Embodiment sessions (ACEs) were developed to support the therapy process, to enable people to feel certain attributes that were never cultivated in them or during childhood and socialization.  In the course of my therapy practice, it became very evident that certain things were very hard to shift when a client did not have a reference in their life experiences for the feelings we were attempting to integrate. 

The ACEs were designed to download the pristine divine energies or soul traits that we are here to embody in human form. The ACEs are used to accelerate healing of certain issues, accelerate awakening, or simply to provide a boost of pure energy that may be needed in the moment. Much like the Angelic Love Washes, these sessions bathe the energetic bodies and quantum fields, infusing gentle rays of focused energies to wash through the energy bodies, clearing out dense, slow and stuck energies and frequencies that are in dissonance with these higher frequencies. 

You will feel yourself washed over by gentle waves of energy that clear distortions of that vibration. So for example an ACE session for compassion would bathe you in gentle waves of the frequency of divine compassion at all levels of being. Overall, it will clarify compassion for you; enable you to feel compassion, understand it, know how to achieve it, etc. As feeling is becoming, the ACEs are a great tool of accelerated evolution.

If you have never experienced a certain trait or feeling, the particular ACE session will make the vibration directly accessible to you, so it will be as though youíve experienced it in life. This is of tremendous value, as you will then have a reference point for new feelings, and will be able to access new feelings much more easily.

The ACE sessionsí capacity to create new feeling experiences in the body are of tremendous support in accelerating healing, and will help in cases where there is resistance to change because the dysfunctional state is all that a person has known. The ACEs are a wonderful gift and a powerful tool in therapy and for personal use, as all divine traits now become accessible for direct experience.

All the ACE sessions come with a trigger word (the name of the trait) and each time used, the trait is magnified through the system and becomes more deeply anchored into a personís energy fields. 

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Ordering Information for the Personal/Family/Household Use Attunement Versus Professional or Practitioner Attunement

Personal Attunement:  People who are personally attuned for the Angelic Conscious Embodiment Sessions can transmit this series of 333 sessions to themselves and to people who live in the same household as they do. The Cost of the Personal, Family or Household attunement is just $180.

Practitioner/Professional Attunement:  People who are attuned for the Professional/Practitioner version can transmit the Angelic Conscious Embodiment sessions to anyone.  The cost of the Professional or Practitioner attunement is just $333.

As soon as you place an order you should be directed to a web page on this site where you can view the attunement video and download the manual. If you are not sent to a download page upon ordering, please contact as soon as possible.

Please note that although the same manual is used both groups of people, some sections of the manual only apply to practitioners.

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Rave Reviews

"Bill's work is amazing! I have tried many approaches towards energy healing practices and Bill's services are by far the most effective, efficient, and consistent out of all of the work I have yet to experience. (read more)

"Thank you for today's session. I am taking things slowly as the changes feel profound especially around my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me.(read more)

"I have worked with Bill for about 18 months now, and I must say that we have come a long way together. Bill is not just another healer, he has become a friend along the Journey. Awesome is the word to describe Bill's work. (read more)


ďI have been listening to these Money Healing Program energy releases for a month to 6 weeks. IThese energy healings have allowed me to work Only Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning. I am very grateful for this. My intention is now to use this new free time to establish an on-line business where I can earn a living and get back to my energy work with Reiki. (read more)

"What's happening to me?....I'm having sensations about the world (smells, thoughts, sights) that I had as a child and completely forgot that you could experience the world that way. The cloud of depression I've been under for a couple of years is gone... (read more)

"Before my session with Bill I was feeling pretty down and during the session it was like he just lifted everything leaving me feeling light and happy. Bill is one of the most warmest, compassionate, and deeply effective healers I have come across. (read more)

"I want you to know how amazing the Universal Clearing Profile (UCP) tool is... Understand, I have been doing inner clearing work FOREVER it seems... I have used Star Energies, EFT, PSYCH-K, BSFF and all these have worked.. BUT ... the UCP provides such a deep comprehensive clearing. I am amazed! (read more)