Quantum Value Packages

I brought in a lot of upgraded healing sessions and recordings in 2010 and I realized that it would be powerful to combine these into packages for healing, enlightenment, money and relationships. Each of these quantum value packages contains an audio recording of at least ten Mega Healing and Enlightenment sessions and at least three mp3 audio recordings.


Video Value Packages

When I first learned about YouTube years ago, I was so happy because I realized that I could place a lot of healing sessions into a video that people could look at over and over again to receive healing. After I created a lot of healing and enlightenment videos, I realized that if I packaged thirty of the most powerful ones for healing and enlightenment, that I could offer a HUGE discount to my customers so I created two Video Value Packages.


Mega Value Packages

In late 2012, I created a lot of Mega  Healing and Enlightenment Session mp3 audio recordings for participants in my Turquoise and Rainbow Healing Support Plans. I later decided to bundle some of the most popular ones into Mega Value Packages.
















Ordering Information for Quantum Value Packages

The cost of each quantum value package is just $127 or $370 if you order ALL four of them at the SAME time. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE TWO VIDEO VALUE PACKAGES!  As soon as you place an order, you will receive a link where you may download all of the audio recordings that come with the quantum value packages that you order. Please email me at bill.austin@prodigy.net if you have any problems placing your order or receiving your digital products. Thanks!




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