Healer Training Support Package

Monica Castaneda got me thinking about creating some sound healing mp3 audio recordings to support healers. When I meditated on this, I came up with seven ideas for recordings:

Preparing for a Healing Session
Clearing Yourself  After a Holistic Healing Session
Releasing Doubts, Fears, Distrust and Self Sabotage Around Healing Yourself and Others
Creating and Maintaining Strong and Healthy Energetic Boundaries between Yourself and Others
Clearing Blocks to Becoming a Pure Channel for Healing from the Creat
Expanding Your Clarity, Compassion, Intuition, Wisdom, Capacity, Capability, Channel and Ability to Heal Yourself and Others
Angelic Purification, Cleanse and Blessing for Healers

Although I created these recordings to specifically help healers, I get that everyone can benefit from them. They include a lot of energies and frequencies to help people to heal themselves as well as others so they are a great resource or tool for self healing. After I recorded these sound healing tracks, I got that they needed to be packaged together and sold as a unit so I am offering this Healer Support Package for just $97.

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