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Angelic Mastery™ Sessions

YouTube Transmission of Angelic Mastery Healing Sessions


My name is Bill Austin and I am a spiritual healer and teacher. Years ago after working with a new modality that was very powerful but also very harsh to the physical body and not easy to integrate, I was meditating on a better way to do it when I felt this rush of love and this angelic presence all around me. They said We are the Angels of Love and we will be happy to work with you on this area.  That was the first of many sessions I would bring forth in collaborating with the angels.

“Blessings Dear Ones!!! Know that we are transmitting our love to you as you read these words. We, the Angelic Councils of Love, have been working with the one known as Bill Austin for many years now.  We do not view the human body like your medical professionals or even yourselves do.  So often when you look at your body, you focus on what you most dislike in your physical form and thus you magnetize back to you more of what you dislike. When we, the Angelic Healers of Love, look at you what we see in each of you is a beautiful tapestry of light and love.  Each of you is a walking miracle. We challenge you the next time that you look in the mirror to cherish yourself rather than put yourself down. The angelic healing techniques that comprise Angelic Mastery are very soft, gentle and nurturing to all of your energetic bodies.  We honor your energetic bodies and treat them with great love and respect. Our favorite way of healing is to bathe the energetic bodies, fields and particles in Love for love is truly the great healer. We also utilize a lot of colors, tones and rays of creation energy to assist you in releasing and healing all that is not aligned with your highest good or does not support your spiritual evolution. Above all things, we wish that each of you would love yourself as much as you possibly can. For self love is the key that unlocks the heart; and the heart energy is so very important now on the planet.  ” (Metatron, May 2, 2007)

Angelic Audio Transmissions
Powerful transmissions from the Angelic Councils of Light to assist you with forgiveness, clearing your energetic systems, transforming negative beliefs and emotions, opening heart chambers, enlightenment and much, much more...

Angelic Mastery™ Video Transmissions
I have created a series of video recordings for the most powerful Angelic Mastery™ sessions. Each video recording has fifteen sessions on it for only $27.

I have been praying for a way that I could greatly reduce the cost of the Practical Mastery™ and Angelic Mastery™ sessions and the Creator showed me a way that these sessions could be transmitted automatically to people after they pay for a session without me having to personally transmit them. As a result of this breakthrough I am now able to offer many of these powerful sessions to others for just $12. So as of April 15th, 2007 as soon as you place an order and pay for one of these sessions, the Creator will transmit them to you.

Angelic Mastery™ of the Personality
Angelic healing sessions to assist  you to evolve and heal your personality self and sub-personalities as well as to clear, transmute and heal psychological archetypes.

Angelic Conscious Embodiment
These sessions provide angelic support for people who are consciously choosing to embody their inner divinity.

Angelic Love Washes
Angel healing sessions where the Angelic Healers of Love radiate gentle rays of focused unconditional love to wash through the energy bodies, fields, parts and particles clearing out dense, slow and stuck energies and frequencies and anything else that is not aligned with the highest principles of divine love, light and truth.

Angelic Mastery of Beliefs
We each have millions of belief systems that are clustered around topics in our consciousness.  Unfortunately many of these belief clusters no longer serve our highest good.  Our minds, in many ways, function like computers in that if you have flaky programs (dysfunctional beliefs) running in your operating system, your computer (life) can become totally hosed.  In an Angelic Mastery of Beliefs session, I work with the Angelic Healers of Love to help you remove and replace your flaky programs with positive ones.

Angelic Mastery of Emotions
In these angelic healing sessions, I work with the Angelic Healers of Love to help your soul to clear the negative emotional programming from your genetic code and to replace this programming with positive emotional programming instead.  For example if you wanted to clear depression from your genetic code, it would be replaced with optimism, love, joy, peace and harmony. 

Angelic Mastery of Past Events
A lot of who we are today is determined to a large extent by the experiences and events that occurred in our past.  For example, people with happy childhoods tend to be happier than people with unhappy childhoods.  In each Angelic Healing for the Mastery of Past Events session, we are working with your soul and the Angelic Healers of Love to help you clear and release incidents that occurred in your past around a certain negative emotion.  We are working on experiences, events and incidents that you not only personally experience but also incidents that you hear about, observe others experiencing, see on television or read about in the papers.