Practical Mastery Video Transmissions

There are now over 500 PM Sessions and the number grows over time. In order to help people to get the maximum benefit from the least expenditure of money, I have placed many of these sessions on a video recording. Each one of the series of video transmissions except for the third one for the PM Shield Package transmits between twelve and fifteen sessions for just $27 - which I feel is a great deal. These video recordings are all about ten to fifteen minutes long and the transmissions encoded on each presentation are transferred to you instantly with ease and grace.

Practical Mastery Clearing & Shielding Videos (3)
Practical Mastery Profile Purges Videos (3)
Practical Mastery Abundance Video
Practical Mastery Emotional Mastery Videos (2)
Practical Mastery Enlightenment Videos (3)
Extraordinary Miscellaneous Videos (4)



Practical Mastery Clearing and Shielding sessions were designed to clear the negative things Bill has cleared in himself and clients. The most important ones are placed on video.




Practical Mastery Profile Purge sessions were designed to clear and heal negative programs from the subconscious mind. Most important ones are on video.




Practical Mastery Emotional Mastery sessions help people to embrace, embody and express the love-oriented emotions. The most important ones are on video.



Practical Mastery Abundance sessions help people clear scarcity consciousness and heal their relationship with money. The most important ones are placed on video.

Practical Mastery Enlightenment sessions help people to grow spiritually in a grounded way with ease and grace. The most important ones are placed on video.



I have also created audio recordings for four of the major sessions from my distant healing practice.  I went through each type of sessions and selected a handful of them that most people would benefit from in some way and recorded them on audio.




How to Order a Practical Mastery Video

After you place an order, you will be sent an email with a download link in the body. Please click on the link for the video(s) you order and download them to your computer. There are instructions on each download page directing you on how to download the files to your computer.

Practical Mastery Video 1 - Clearing I
Practical Mastery Video 2 - Clearing II
Practical Mastery Video 3 - Shield Package
Practical Mastery Video 4 - Profile Purges I
Practical Mastery Video 5 - Profile Purges II
Practical Mastery Video 6 - Healing Profiles
Practical Mastery Video 7 - Emotional Mastery I
Practical Mastery Video 8 - Emotional Mastery II
Practical Mastery Video 9 - Abundance
Practical Mastery Video 10 - Enlightenment I
Practical Mastery Video 11 - Enlightenment II
Practical Mastery Video 12 - Enlightenment III
Angelic Love Wash
Clearing the Energetic Spaces
DNA Recalibration Sequences
Codes for the New World

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