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We are all like cosmic radio stations. We transmit and receive at specific frequency levels. Intuitively, we all recognize this and we are drawn to associate with the people and places that vibrate on a similar frequency.

Subconsciously, we all trust our first impressions and realize how important they are. When we meet someone for the first time, what happens is that our energy fields mesh together and they exchange information. If our energy fields complement one another in any way, we begin to feel that we like this person and we want to further the relationship. If a karmic relationship is involved, we feel more strongly drawn to that person even if we don?t like them and often we won?t. These are the people we really obsess about and we don?t know why. When we feel neutral about someone or instantly dislike them, usually our energy fields don?t match and we can learn nothing from them. For example, when an old soul meets a baby one, usually they won?t like each other because with such dissimilar soul ages, there is little opportunity to either teach or to learn. This is how we draw into our lives the people we are meant to share them with.

Although we each have seven energy centers or chakras in the body and five outside of it, human beings tend to funnel their energy into one of them and this affects how we perceive the world. Most people funnel their energy through the first chakra at the base of the spine and they filter life primarily through the physical senses. Others funnel their energy through the fourth or heart chakra and they experience life primarily through their emotions and feelings. Others funnel their energy through the fifth or throat chakra and they filter life primarily through their thoughts and ideas. A relatively small number of people funnel life through the sixth and seventh chakras - the inner/third eye and crown centers, and they perceive life with the awareness of unity with all that is or was or ever shall be.

We live in an era where humans are rapidly changing or evolving how their bodies receive and transmit energy. These changes are unprecedented in Earth?s history for humans are transforming into a very different kind of being. There are three major changes going on. First, all of the seven chakras along the spinal cord are beginning to unify or merge together with the heart chakra becoming the keystone. This means that energy is becoming more evenly distributed among the energy centers than it has in the past when most human beings' energy stayed congested or trapped in the lower chakras.

The second major change in the human energy system is that humans are beginning to make the shift from the chakra-based energy system compatible with third dimension life to the light body energy system compatible with the higher dimension light body. The light body frequencies were first introduced on a large scale to Earth during the late 1980s and these frequencies intensify every day. I and thousands of other people have been working with the light body frequencies on a daily basis; helping to anchor them into the Earth plane. As the light body frequencies continue to intensify and as the number of people working with them increases, many people will experience the awakening of these centers without doing any conscious work with them at all. This is what biologists call evolution and this is not a slow, gradual process at all.

The third major change is that the electromagnetic energy grids around Earth and within the human body are also being keyed up to a higher frequency. These changes are essential for the planet to ascend and for human beings to be able to live in the fifth dimension. The energies of the Creator are being sent to this planet and beings of light from all over the universe(s) are stepping down these energies to the level that Earth and humanity can absorb and integrate. These changes should be finalized by early 2003.

Wise people choose their sexual partners carefully. When you engage in sexual acts with another, you are trying to reach at-one-ment with that person. What happens is that your two (or more) energy fields merge together and your body will retain the energy of that other person for a month after the sexual act even if it is just an one night stand.

When you have sex with someone and almost immediately regret doing so, you have taken on the life force energy of another that is not compatible with your own energy.


Every group of people that you associate with has a group energy. If you feel uncomfortable with that energy, you probably would be better off to hang out with a different group of people. This is especially true of churches and spiritual groups.

We all have forgiveness issues in our lives. Most people think that when you forgive someone, you are doing them a favor and that's just not true. When you forgive someone else or something that you have done, you really are helping yourself. When you harbor bitterness about a person or a situation in your life, every time that you think about that person or event, your energy contracts.

The human body is the physical manifestation of soul energy. Basically what happens is that the energy of the Creator is transmitted to the monad or oversoul - the origin of the soul. The monad steps down and transmits life force energy to the soul. The soul uses this energy to create first the emotional body, then the mental body and finally the physical one. That the body even exists at all is a miracle of the first order.

The human energy system wasn?t designed for the American diet. Sugar really screws it up and the body doesn?t share our societal preferences for alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. If you go on a two-day juice fast once a month, however, many of these toxins can be removed.

We energize our problems when we dwell on them or talk about them or worry about them. When people tell you their tales of woe, interrupt them and redirect the conversation to an area in their life that works. People often listen to these tales of woe and then twenty minutes later they wonder why their energy is so low.

A human being can be viewed as an energy system or a field of energy. The people that you hang out with or work with are important, because you become attuned to or resonate with their energy fields. When these people experience anything that emotionally sets them off, their energy fields swell and they literally reach out to the human energy fields around them and suck them into their energy vortices. This is perhaps OK when the person is happy, but not so good when they are angry or depressed.

Jesus? energy field was immense because it was fueled solely by unconditional love - the most powerful state in the whole universe. People flocked around him not so much as to hear him speak as to experience the love energy he radiated. While Jesus talked to people, he opened their heart centers by melting them with his love.

People vary in how sensitive they are to the energy in and around them. However, people who prefer or need to maintain a large personal space between themselves and others are usually the ones who are the most sensitive to energy.

When human energy fields combine, the energy rises geometrically not arithmetically for each new field added. Group energy is potent stuff, and most human civilizations and cultures have developed rituals to channel and enhance group energy. Traditional rituals often involve circles of people physically linked together and music of some sort.

One of the most powerful sources of human energy is the serpent or kundalini energy which is located at the base of the spine close to the first chakra. The energy of the kundalini is so powerful that it historically has only risen when people become about 40 years old. In most people, the kundalini only rises from the first to the second chakra. The second chakra deals with human sexuality and creativity and when the kundalini rises to that chakra, the sexual and creative energy of the individual is dramatically boosted. In men the rising of the kundalini usually triggers a mid-life crisis.

If people can raise the kundalini from the first chakra to the crown or 7th chakra at the top of the head, their overall health and energy level will become totally rejuvenated. The reason I mention this is that one effect of the transformation of the human body is that the kundalini energy will begin to move in all people regardless of age. This will totally freak out the human beings experiencing this as well as the medical establishment in the West. Although the East is much more familiar with kundalini energy than the West is, in the United States a network of healers is being formed to help people understand and deal with kundalini energy.

Everything that a human being takes in to their energy system becomes one with their consciousness, and this includes both physical food and mental food in the form of knowledge.

Some of the most sensitive souls on the planet choose to be vegetarians. Ironically, most people sometimes need meat to balance our energy fields. When animals and plants are raised and nurtured and energized by love, when we eat them we absorb the love vibration. This is one reason why home grown veggies are so tasty. However, since we do not treat our plants and animals very well, when we eat them we absorb this vibration into our bodies. When you bless the food you eat and give thanks for it, you are able to largely neutralize the negative vibration.

The Holy Spirit can be viewed as an enabling energy system that works in conjunction with the human one. Until the gift of the Holy Spirit after Christ's ascension, the human body could not hold all of the Soul's gift of life force energy. This surplus soul energy was literally stored in the bones of Earth in what are now called sacred sites.

Our pets, cars and computers are very sensitive to human energy fields. When you have problems with any of the above, something is going on inside of you that needs to be examined.



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