Recommendations for Individuals Seeking Healing for Themselves and Their Family

First of all, I want to remind each of you that YOU and YOU alone are the expert about your health and healing journey so if what I say below does not resonate with you as being true for yourself, please discard it. In my own life and the lives of people I have worked with there are three levels of healing really. I encourage you to look at my Frequently Asked Questions page!

The first level of healing is around clearing, transmuting, healing and releasing the dysfunctional beliefs from our past. The toxic, less-than-love stuff we picked up from our family of origin, friends and society in general. Often most of our underlying energetic weaknesses and imbalances have been with us for a very, very long time. We live in a very dysfunctional world and when we are very young we are not terribly discerning and unfortunately many of our deepest patterns and behavior originate from early childhood. I created a lot of Healing Videos that would be a great place to start in this area. The Quantum Value Package for Healing and Video Value Package 1 are great deals and choices for this area.

The second level of healing would be clearing, transmuting, healing and releasing core soul issues. If you have strong challenges, issues and problems in an area that you feel have been with you forever, they probably have. Challenges around addictions, money, self esteem, etc. often are carried over from past lives. They come up in this lifetime to give you another chance to clear them out. For these types of issues, a Mega Healing and Enlightenment Session can often help out quite a bit.  Sometimes these areas are so unique to the individual that a Create Your Own Healing Session may be the most effective approach to take. Again YOU are the expert on your health and well being.

The third and final area of healing would be maintenance work and by that I mean clearing, transmuting, healing and releasing things as they arise in your life. The Daily Support ProgramBlasting Sessions and the Bill Austin Self Help, Clearing and Healing Program book and audios are great choices for this area.


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