Forgiveness, Forgiving Self, Forgive Others

Copyright 2011, Bill Austin

  • True forgiveness is forgetfulness.

  • We all have forgiveness issues in our lives. Most people think that when you forgive someone, you are doing them a favor and that's just not true. When you forgive someone else or something that you have done, you really are helping yourself. When you harbor bitterness about a person or a situation in your life, every time that you think about that person or event, your energy contracts.

  • When we have forgiveness issues with someone, we also have karmic issues as well. When we are unable to forgive ourselves or others, it stays in our energy field until we can. If we don't clear that energy in this lifetime through forgiving and releasing it, we will have to resolve it in another lifetime. This is why Jesus is so emphatic about the importance of forgiveness.

  • Once I was attacked outside my apartment by two guys when I lived in Philadelphia. The very next day I felt a strong urge to totally forgive them and to release the whole event from my consciousness. I began by acknowledging that the three of us had created the event for our mutual growth. I forgave myself and I forgave them. I acknowledged that the event had occurred to teach me a lesson that I needed at that time and could learn by no other way. I thanked them for helping me learn the lesson, and I released them and myself from the situation. When I did this, the experience left my energy field and I forgot about it.

  • Forgiveness Technique Number 1. Get into a meditative state of mind (calm, relaxed and peaceful) and think about the person or situation that is bothering you. Ask your soul for a symbol for the relationship or the event. Play with the symbol or image that you receive. If it's dark, add light to it. If it's closed, open it up. Working with things as energy is very powerful for as you transform the symbol, you transform the relationship or event as well. This is one of those techniques that is very effective, but I have no idea how or why this works. You can use this same technique when you want to resolve a problem or when you just want to get in touch with your inner guidance.

  • Forgiveness Technique Number 2. Get into a meditative state of mind and ask your soul to join you. Pretend that you are your soul. Say out loud: "I am one with my soul." Visualize your soul as a shining pillar of light. Invite the soul of the person whom you want to forgive to join your soul. Explain your point of view to the other person's soul, and ask the other person's soul to explain his or her point of view. Please note that your souls get along fine. The forgiveness issue is a personality one. This technique can also be used in other areas. If you're struggling with an illness, visualize it as energy and talk to it.

  • Forgiveness Technique Number 3. Get into a meditative state of mind and think about the person or situation that you want to forgive. Think about how that person or event changed your life. How would your life have been different without that person or experience? What did you learn from that relationship or event? After doing this, you usually will find that there were some benefits to the association. Acknowledge this and thank the other person for that gift.

  • When we forgive anyone or anything, what happens is that to all extents and purposes it never happened. This is how the world is healed. And when you heal one of your relationships, everyone who is in a similar situation is helped as well.

  • People who experience bad health often have major league forgiveness issues in their lives. When we hold negativity in our energy field, inevitably it expresses itself as physical disharmony or bad health. Forgiveness is the major way that humans can release negativity or cleanse it from their energy fields. When Jesus cast out "evil spirits" from sick people, he cast out negativity from their energy field. Fasting is another way to release negative energy held in the human body.

  • When Jesus healed people, he often told them that their sins were forgiven. This demonstrates two things. First, Jesus invoked and used the power of forgiveness to heal people. Second, by forgiving people, Jesus consciously gave the sick person permission to heal herself. All healing is done through the Soul of the "sick" person, but to use this power they must get permission from the soul of the healer. Jesus was evolved enough that he could and did grant this permission consciously.

  • I bet that if we forgave ourselves and others as often that the Goddess forgives us that we would whiz through Saint Peter's pearly gates so fast that he wouldn't even see us. Any takers?

  • Our hearts are a lot like pecans: They are usually covered with a hard shell that holds bitter and sweet parts deep within. Right now the Light and Love and Grace of the Goddess is dissolving the exterior shells, but our ultimate destination lies in how much of the inner stuff is sweet (loving) and how much is bitter (fearful). You can always get rid of the bitter, however, by releasing it through love.


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