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I create my own reality. My external world mirrors perfectly my inner consciousness at any moment of time.

We experience whatever we choose to experience. The power of God enables us to experience the lower octave of life if this is what we choose to hold in our consciousness. But if we choose to experience the higher octave of life and if we raise our consciousness accordingly, then the power of God supports this as well. We are all co-creators with God. This is how free will operates in our lives. We raise our consciousness through meditation and self-knowledge.

We attract stuff into our life to learn from every day. This is fine for without our stuff, we wouldn?t grow. But when we get involved with another person?s stuff, watch out! It often is very easy for us to adopt and claim another individual?s stuff for our own. The problem with this is that we don?t learn as much from other people?s stuff as we do from our own. It is important to acknowledge the stuff others experience in such a way that we don?t claim it for ourselves.

When we take over someone else?s stuff, even if they want us to, we deprive them of the experiences they need the most and ones that they have worked hard to create for themselves.

When people in a crisis learn that they create every aspect of their lives, they often recoil in shock and horror. Everything that we experience is created by ourselves but not necessarily by our conscious minds. In fact, most of our life experiences are created unconsciously either by the subconscious mind or the super-conscious mind or soul. Part of the spiritual growth process involves taking conscious control over the areas of our lives that are on automatic pilot.

Our acts of creation are sacred for when we create we use our inner divinity to channel or translate ideas from Spirit into matter.

Our creativity is a sacred gift to us from the Creator of all that is or was or ever will be.

When we go to sleep at night, one of the things that we do is to plan the events of the next month. Before we introduce a new aspect into our lives, we experiment with different scenarios and then we place our order with the universe. When we wake up during this process, we catch a glimpse of our future before we nod off. A month or two later when the event materializes, we freak out and call it deja vu. It takes roughly a month or two for the mental image or blueprint to materialize or manifest in the physical plane. This is how we create our life experiences.

A lot of people know that their lives don?t function very well but they don?t know what is wrong. If you fall into this category, buy a notebook that can fit into your coat or purse and jot down every thought that you have about yourself, said and unsaid, for one month. At the end of the month, read what you have jotted down and if that won?t inspire you to change, nothing ever will. What most people find is that most of their negative thoughts fall into several categories, and these are the areas that they need to work with.

After you determine which areas of your life are stuck, then you are ready to make changes. When you begin to change or fine-tune your lifestyle, make gradual adjustments and stick with them. Each month change just one habit in a small way. It takes about one month for the body to get used to the new practice, but after that month the change will become a habit. People who try to implement a whole lot of changes at one time usually totally freak out and often fall flat on their face.

Whatever you intend to experience, you will experience. Meditate upon what you want; visualize receiving it; think about it often; and develop affirmations that support this request. When you energize your desires in this way, you signal to the Universe that you really want this and you are not going to compromise on it. Most people have wishy-washy desires and they have a wishy-washy life.

If you really want something, pretend that the Universe is a waiter and place your order. Be precise about what you want, and don?t be afraid to send it back to the kitchens if the order gets screwed up.

The world is not solid at all. We live in a plastic world and I am not talking about credit cards. Our life is as malleable as clay or plaster in that it molds itself to fit the thought forms and images we send it everyday.

The moment that you create the "perfect" setup for yourself is almost always the exact moment that God comes around to mess it up.

You see what you expect to see. That's why optimism and a positive mental attitude are so important.

We share the world with a lot of miserably unhappy people. Yet most of us know, deep inside, what we enjoy doing - what brings aliveness and joy into our lives. Make a list of the things that you most enjoy doing and commit to doing at least one of these things at least once a week. Take out your calendars and schedule quality time for yourselves. If you don?t make time for yourself, no one else will either.

Every baby should be stamped with a warning at birth: YOUR MIND IS POWERFUL. IF YOU DO NOT USE IT WISELY, YOU WILL REGRET IT.

If people understood the full power of their thoughts, they would be paralyzed with shock.

Our imagination is our power. Everything we build or see outside of ourselves originates from within ourselves.

People who settle for less, get less.

Our thoughts create our experiences, but the power of thought is tremendously increased by emotional intensity. Fear is such a strong, habitual response in most people that it is very easy to create and perpetuate a world filled with frightening things.

Aladdin is a powerful myth for us because we each have a magic lamp, which we call our imagination.

We live and move and have our being in a world of externalized or projected thought.

Most of us use the power of our minds to create a cage for ourselves rather than a castle. However, the same power that forges the iron bars of the cage can also create a key to release us from bondage, and the sooner we do this the happier we are. When we choose to escape the cage we created in the past, we help everyone else to free themselves too.

The only thing that can stop you from getting anything you want is yourself.

Where you place your time and energy today determines who you become tomorrow.

If you don't guard your time and energy, you will never have any.

Creating your life is like filling up your grocery cart. You go to the store of Universal Mind and you select the most attractive beliefs you can find from a wide variety of options. The wisest shoppers choose thoughts with the same care that gardeners buy produce. Some people fill their carts to the brim with chocolate and champagne and some leave with just a few boxes of macaroni and cheese: IT'S YOUR CHOICE.

The world that you create for yourself reflects more accurately who you really are than a mirror does.

EVERYONE lives within a closet that they create through their thoughts and beliefs. Some closets, however, are nicer than others.

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