Welcome to the Angelic Spa! 

My name is Bill Austin and I am honored to be your host as you bask in the multi-dimensional healing energies and frequencies of the Angelic Spa.   The Angelic Spa is a session that I co-created with the angelic healers of light.  It is a template of many healing frequencies and energies from the angelic healers of light.  Please take a moment and connect with the energy of the Angelic Spa and ask your Higher Self or Soul if this is appropriate for you at this time. Enjoy...  the water is nice and warm today. 

You may want to read over this guided meditation once before you do it.


The more time you hang out at the Angelic Spa, the more peaceful, calm, centered and balanced you will become. So take a second and bookmark this page as a Favorite (click on "Favorites" "Add to Favorites") so that you can come back here as often as you need.

I am sure that you know several people who could use a much-needed and well-deserved boost.  They may be happier people for you to hang out with after a few sessions in the Angelic Spa. So why don't you


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