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Energy Healing Support Membership Plans

When you join one of Bill's two Energy Healing Support Plans, you receive spiritual healing energies one to four times a week plus access to over $900 of powerful energy healing products. Plans start at $47 per month.

Daily Energetic Support Program

Get the daily energy healing and support you need to heal, grow, expand and prosper! Bill Austin transmits two rounds of spiritual healing and enlightenment frequencies valued at over $250 each and every day to individuals participating in this powerful energy healing program. The cost for individuals is only $77 a month.

Energy Healing 101 Activations

In January of 2012, I created a series of twenty powerful Energy Healing 101 Activations which consist of a vibrational healing art image plus a MP3 audio recording for each spiritual healing activation.  Each activation only costs $7 and Internet access to all twenty of these energy healing activations is part of the Spiritual Healing Support Membership Plans.

Energy Healing, Clearing and Blasting Sessions

These are some of Bill's most popular energy healing sessions. The most popular session is the Money Blasting Session, Home Blasting Session and the Divine Ideal Blasting Session. These sessions range in price from $9 to $15.

Energy Healing Videos

Bill is the founder of several energy healing modalities and is best known for the Practical Mastery and Angelic Mastery Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment modalities. Bill went through hundreds of spiritual healing sessions to create thirty very powerful spiritual healing and enlightenment videos. Each video contains nine to fifteen energy healing sessions and is usually priced at $27 to $33.

Energy Healing Guided Meditation MP3 Audio Recordings

As of June 2012, I have created eight powerful spiritual healing and enlightenment guided meditations. The most popular ones are for Healing ALL of Your Relationships, Healing YOUR Relationship with Money, Healing YOUR Body, Organs and Systems, Healing YOUR Back, Neck and Central Nervous System. You can save $7 or over 25 % when  you order from the link above.

Create YOUR Own Energy Healing Sessions

One of the most powerful ways to work with spiritual healer Bill Austin is to order one of his customized energy healing sessions. You choose the issues that you want Bill to transmit energy healing frequencies to assist you in your healing process. One of Bill's most popular. sessions.

Mega Energy Healing Sessions

Bill created a line of Mega Energy Healing and Enlightenment sessions to tap into the combined power of all of his spiritual healing modalities into one mega healing session. Each spiritual healing modality approaches healing from a different angle or perspective so each mega energy healing session is really ten sessions merged together into one. Bill also records four Mega Energy Healing and Enlightenment sessions each month for people participating in one of his Energy Healing Support Membership Plans

Quantum Value Packages for Energy Healing

In 2011, Bill placed a lot of his most powerful energy healing and enlightenment audio recordings into packages for healing, enlightenment, money and relationships. Each of these quantum value packages contains an audio recording of at least ten Mega Healing and Enlightenment sessions and at least three mp3 energy healing audio recordings. People who participate in one of Bill's Energy Healing Support Plans receive the Quantum Value Package for Healing as a bonus.







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