Magical Zapper Tool

When I began consciously walking the spiritual path, it was really difficult and challenging for me. I would get so triggered emotionally and at that time I did not have any tools or techniques to assist me to clear. I used to day dream about having a magical way to zap all the stuff that surfaced in my life as I grew personally and spiritually. Nine years later it got a lot easier when I began working with spiritual healers. I was so excited about the potential of energy healing to transform our lives that I decided to begin doing this myself.

About the Magical Zapper Tool

Basically the Magical Zapper Tool taps into all of clearing and healing work that I have downloaded and incorporates it into one very powerful clearing tool. The purpose of the Magical Zapper Tool is to clear, transmute, heal, release and dissolve negative thoughts and feelings across time, space, directions, dimensions, vectors and angles.

Combines the most perfect possible clearing and healing frequencies from;

Blasting Line of Sessions;
Mega Healing and Enlightenment Sessions;
Universal Clearing Profile;
Creator Heart Alignment Profile;
Practical Mastery;
Angelic Mastery;
Self Help and Healing Tools;
Crystalline Rainbow Reiki;
Angelic Heart Star Reiki;
Archangel Raphael?s Emerald Green Ray Reiki;
Hundreds of Color Healing Art Images;

Advanced Clearing and Healing Profiles from the Angels, Elohim, VOID Emissaries, Creator and Holy Spirit Shekinah.


How the Magical Zapper Tool Works

When you run the Magical Zapper Tool, some of the areas it scans, clears and healing negative thoughts, feelings, memories, patterns, influences, weaknesses, imbalances, programming and interference from:

Our Consciousness and Morphogenetic Fields;
Our Energetic Spaces, Fields, Organs, Systems and Bodies;
Our Bloodline, Ancestral and Genetic Lineages;
Our Aura, Chakras, Meridians, Strange Flows, Miraculous Vessels, Nadi and Acupuncture Energy Points;
Our Atomic, Subatomic and Quantum Fields, Parts and Particles;
Our Minds, Brains, Neuronets, Personality Self/Selves;

Our Genetics, Epigenetics, DNA, RNA, Chromosomes, Genome and Epigenome;
This Life, Past Lives, Parallel Lives and Future Lives;

The Creation Point or Origin Point where the negative thought or feeling originated.

It also releases any creation energy we have placed into the area being cleared and clears all associated and related thoughts, feelings, memories, patterns, influences, weaknesses, imbalances and programs that energetically anchor, reinforce, enhance, boost, strengthen and support the area(s) being cleared.

In addition to clearing, transmuting, healing and releasing negative thoughts, feelings, memories, patterns, influences, weaknesses, imbalances, programming and interference, the Magical Zapper Tool works with the highest level aspect of our soul and monad and the Creator to fill areas that are cleared with unconditional love. This very powerful tool clears, transmutes, heals, releases and dissolves energetic distortions and interference with our most perfect possible and divine ideal creation blueprints and templates.

In other words, it not only clears out negative energies but also restores our consciousness and morphogenetic fields to the pristine blueprints, templates and set points as if the zapped thought or feeling never existed. It makes whole any damage done from the presence of the negative thought and emotion that was cleared. All of this occurs with ease and grace in ways that are aligned with our highest good and that support the spiritual evolution of each being.



Personal Use Versus Practitioner Attunements for Magical Zapper Tool

Almost everyone drawn to my work is a lightworker, healer, starseed or ALL of the above. Lightworkers and starseeds  are often looking for self help tools they can quickly use to clear a lot of the dysfunctional programming they are constantly exposed to on this world. Healers want tools they can use to help not only themselves but also their clients. So I decided to create both a Personal Use as well as a Practitioner Attunement for the Magical Zapper Tool.

Personal Use Attunement: People who order the personal use attunement will be able to use he Magical Zapper Tool to help clear themselves. The cost is $197. If you previously ordered the Universal Clearing Profile, you can upgrade to the Personal Use Attunement for just $97.

Practitioner Attunement: People who order the practitioner attunement will be able to use the Magical Zapper Tool to help clear other people as well as themselves. The cost is $397. If you previously ordered the Universal Clearing Profile, you can upgrade to the Practitioner Attunement for just $197.


Ordering Information

The cost of the Personal Use Version of the Magical Zapper Tool is $197; the Practitioner Version is $397.  I will try to attune you within three business days after I receive your order.

As an added bonus, you also get the scripts I created for mp3 audio recordings for


Zapping Negative Patterns, Programs and Influences,

Zapping Attachments, Judgments and Expectations,

Zapping I AM Decrees and

Zapping Money Blocks!

Magical Zapper Tool - Personal Use Version ($197)
Magical Zapper Tool - Practitioner Version ($397)


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