Financial Support Program

Money is a very challenging area for most of us!

Almost all of us struggle to succeed because of the negative financial programming we received at an early age from our family, church, friends and mass consciousness.

Highly evolved souls are challenged financially because we often believe at a deep, subconscious level that rich people are bad and that money is evil, non-spiritual, selfish and even filthy.

Healers often feel a lot of guilt around charging for our spiritual gifts and are torn between our desire to help as many people as possible and our need to survive financially and provide for our family.

Starseeds or highly evolved souls from other time/space continuums are often too ungrounded to easily manifest on the physical plane because we don?t want to be in a physical body and we often feel money is confusing, weird, artificial/made up and highly dysfunctional.

One of my passions in life is to help people to heal their relationship with money so that they can enjoy more of it. I decided to create a Financial Support Program to assist people who struggle with money and are ready to make the shift from lack and scarcity consciousness to abundance and prosperity consciousness.

Each day, I transmit a lot of energies to help each Financial Support Program Member to clear the energies of their home; release fear, stress and self sabotage; heal energetic weaknesses, etc. Then I transmit over twenty money healing and abundance sessions to help you to become abundant, prosperous and successful! Click on the graphic below to learn more about these transmissions.



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Learn More About the Three Other Daily Support Programs I offer!

I decided to create four Daily Support Programs for Healing, Spiritual Growth, Money and Relationships! :Each of these four support programs contains four general clearing and healing transmissions and over twenty targeted transmissions a day meet the needs of my customers who are looking for help on healing, spiritual growth, money and relationships. I tried to make these programs as affordable as possible so more people could take advantage of them. Each Daily Support Program costs less than $2 a day.


Daily Healing Support Program for Pets

Our animal friends and companions take on so much negative energy from human beings that I wanted to help them out as well as their owners. Each day I transmit healing energies several times a day to pets that are enrolled in the program - not only to help them to heal themselves but also to help them clear out negative energy from humanity. I find that animals often are more open to receive healing energies than human beings are - much less self sabotage and self imposed limitations to accepting and receiving healing.

Please email me at information about all pets enrolled in the program: especially their name, age, location and general health condition of each animal participant.  I do like to receive a picture of the pet if at all possible!

To order the Daily Holistic Support Program for Pets click here ($10 per month for each pet; recurring payment; can be cancelled at any time): 


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