October 2013 Special Offers

Each month I offer a special offer for one of my healing and enlightenment sessions or products as well as special pricing for one of my healer training products.

Buy One Create YOUR Own Session, Get One Free!

Save 33% on Practical Mastery Practitioner Training!



BUY One - Get One Free
Create YOUR Own Healing & Enlightenment Session

One of the most powerful things I offer is a customized energy healing session to help you to heal one of your most powerful life challenges. This month, when you order one Create YOUR Own Session, I will give you another one for free. What a gift to yourself!


How it Works:

You go to the sales description page at http://www.healingholograms.com/create.htm
You place your order for a Create YOUR Own Healing and Enlightenment Session.
AFTER you place you order, you then you let me know what two areas you want me to work on by emailing me at Bill.Austin@prodigy.net!



Save 33% on the Practical Mastery Practitioner Training

This month I am offering the Practical Mastery Practitioner Training for 33%. To learn more about this training program, please click on the violet button below. If you want to take advantage of this special offer, however,  you need to ORDER it on this web page.

Practical Mastery(tm) Practitioner Training ONLY


Practical Mastery(tm) Practitioner Training PLUS One Healer Training Module




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