Short and Sweet Version

My name is Bill Austin. I am a spiritual healer, teacher, artist, writer and visionary. I help people like me  - healers, teachers, artists, spiritual seekers, creative souls, lightworkers and starseeds - to heal, grow and succeed

The Longer Version

For the first half of my life I led a charmed life. I did well in high school; graduated from William and Mary with a BA in Economics; got a job as an economist with the Bureau of Labor Statistics and eventually enrolled in the University of Virginia?s School of Law.

After the summer of my first year of law school, I knew in my heart that I had learned what I needed to learn from law school and I should do something else with my life. However, I blew this off and instead spent the next two years getting a law degree that I never used professionally.

During my second year of law school, my charmed life came to an abrupt end. I performed horribly in interviews; became very anxious; developed severe insomnia and graduated from a top ten law school without a job. I would hide from my friends during my last year of law school because I was so embarrassed and shamed by the whole thing. I felt like such a horrible failure.

After law school, I moved to Philadelphia. I injured my back by carting tons of belongings up three flights of stairs into a tiny 250 square foot apartment. By the time my back had recovered, the legal job market collapsed. In the midst of this I had a spiritual awakening while returning to Philadelphia from DC on a Greyhound bus. It was like a million volts of love entering a socket designed to comfortably handle a 100 watts.

Nothing in my life ever prepared me for such a profound experience and I was afraid that I was going crazy. I didn?t tell anyone about it for a very long time. A month later I experienced a period of profound depression. I firmly believe meditation saved my life. Meditation was the only thing I found that helped me to handle the exhaustion from prolonged sleep deprivation.

My spiritual awakening was such a horrible experience for me that it inspired me to learn everything I could about financial management and New Age philosophies around money. It took me six years to recover from this low point and I wrote my first book ? Transforming YOUR Relationship with Money (which I still sell by the way).

I continued to have insomnia and back problems well into my thirties. I tried everything and the doctors I went to me told me basically: ?We have done what we can for you and many other people have it worse.? But I knew that there was a way that I could heal and I just needed to figure it out.

One night I was looking at an Australian ascension web site and the person who ran it was raving about a healing they received from two American spiritual healers. I went to a link about their site and decided to order an energetic healing and clearing from them. I was clueless about energy healing and  very skeptical about the whole process but I decided to give it a try.

A few weeks later, I woke up and I felt so clear and like a million dollars. I didn?t know what had happened but I felt profoundly shifted. It was a lovely feeling. Later that day I got an email from the healers saying that they had finished their clearing and they sent me a list of five to ten pages of stuff they cleared out of me.

I quickly became addicted to feeling clear and began ordering LOTS of sessions from lots of healers. I felt like a kid in the candy store. I was horrified when I began totaling the cost and I decided it would be cheaper to learn how to do this for myself. When the healers I first began working with offered their first ever workshop in the Rocky Mountains, I viewed it as a sign that I was meant to do this.

Much to my surprise, I learned at that very first workshop that I was a natural at healing. Most of the people in the workshop had years of experience with healing and I caught on quicker to the modality than they did. As soon as I mastered that healing technique, I wanted to learn another one. Within a year, I had a file cabinet filled to the brim and overflowing with healing manuals and certificates.

In 2000, I began working with clients on a part time basis. By June 2003, I was able to quit my well paid and very secure government job to work with clients full time. For the first few years, I combined and tweaked the healing techniques I was trained in to help others. I began to develop some ideas around healing techniques that I would like to create on my own.

I didn?t feel comfortable pursuing them, however, because I was afraid and filled with doubt that my ideas and techniques would not be as good as what I was doing. In 2005, all of the healing modalities that I was using at the time stopped working for me so I was forced to either go out of business or to begin using my own energy healing techniques.

I realized at that point that what I really wanted to do was to help healers, lightworkers and starseeds to heal, grow and succeed. The first spiritual healing modality I created is Practical Mastery. The whole purpose of this modality was to help people to apply healing and spiritual principles to heal themselves and to create a life that works. Since then I have created numerous healing modalities and spiritual activations.

Each modality I create approaches healing from a different angle or perspective. Everything I create, I create primarily to help myself. If I need something to heal myself and to grow, I meditate upon it, get clear on my intent, download the coding and transmit it to myself. If it helps me a LOT, then I offer it to others as well.

When I began out as a healer, I mainly offered healing and enlightenment sessions. I got frustrated though in that often clients would just order one or two sessions and it just wasn?t enough time to heal patterns they had been creating for years. I began creating healing and enlightenment products and recordings that people could use over and over again. Then I created the Turquoise and Rainbow Healing Membership Plans to help people tap into the power of combining healing services while using healing products.

In 2013, I began consolidating all of the healing and enlightenment work that I did into the Mega Healing & Enlightenment Sessions Training and the Magical Zapper Tool. I began moving away from offering sessions because I feel it is most effective to provide consistent energetic healing support on a regular basis. I realized that most of my customers were seeking help from me in four areas of their life. To better assist them, I developed daily support programs for healing, spiritual growth, money and relationships .and a line of group healing sessions.




Here are Some of My Short Healing & Enlightenment Videos





How I Approach Healing

I have studied, learned, assimilated and incorporated many different distance energy healing modalities and read hundreds of books on holistic healing, spiritual growth, psychology, etc.  I also have worked with numerous energy healers who work with many different types of modalities.

I attract clients who are on intense paths to mastery.  My soul purpose in this lifetime is to heal healers and to teach teachers.  Almost all of my clients are healers or teachers who are trying to get as clear as possible so that they can help others and the planet.

My work mainly is to help people to raise their vibration so that when the planet ascends that they will as well.  My passions in life are personal/spiritual growth, healing Mother Earth and the distant energy healing work I offer to others. I am constantly tinkering with my menu of sessions, upgrading them, adding new ones, taking out ones that no longer resonate, etc. I used to work with many distant healing modalities that other healers had created and then they stopped working for me so I had to create my own.


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