Surrender YOUR Healing to the Creator

For the last six months, I have been working on a mp3 audio recording for Releasing Money Blocks. The challenge I have is that I have identified over fifty things and it is just too large for an audio. I was meditating about what the best way to do this and I got that instead of me trying to figure things out that I should surrender it to the Creator to handle instead.

And after pondering this, I asked if it would be possible to create a recording I could listen to two or three times a day where the Creator could clear out old fearful programming (thoughts/feelings/behaviors) that were not aligned with my highest good and replace it with unconditional love and positive, love-oriented programming. I got a YES so I created an audio Recording I am calling Surrender YOUR Healing to the Creator.

What I have done is created a thirteen minute long mp3 audio recording that you can listen to once in the morning and once in the night that will clear out old programming that holds you back in the NOW and bring in new programming that helps you to move forward. So each time you listen to this recording, you get the specific clearing and healing you need in the NOW!

The fourteen transmissions on this recording help us to:


Easily Raise our Vibration;

Feel Great and Increase Our Energy Level;

Accept, Like, Love, Trust and Believe in Ourselves;

Embody Our Soul and Grow Personally and Spiritually;

Experience Our Optimal Health and Well Being on ALL Levels;

Form Healthy, Supportive and Loving Relationships with Others;

Receive, Attract and Magnetize Our Highest Good to Us;

Be Thankful, Abundant, Prosperous and Successful;

Become Happier and More Joyful;

Realize More of Our Full Potential and Create a Life that Works;

Experience Inner Peace and Calmness No Matter What;

Release the Past and Live in the NOW;

Easily Make Lots of Money No Matter What and

Easily Have ALL that We Want NOW.

Order Information

The cost of this mp3 audio recording is $97. As soon as you place your order, you should be directed to a web page where you can download it. Please email Bill.Austin@Prodigy.Net ASAP if  you do not get the download link.


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