October 2006

NEW DNA and Light Body Activations

Crystalline Platinum Light Body DNA Activation, Clearing, Activation and Attunements

In this session, I transmit the crystalline platinum light body to you and five very powerful attunements.  This DNA activation session includes a clearing of anything and everything that would adversely impact your ability to activate and integrate the crystalline platinum light body and the accompanying attunements.  After the clearing is done, the activation of the crystalline platinum light body will take place and between 75,000 to 150,000 strands of your DNA will be activated.  There are five accompanying attunements to this powerful light body and DNA activation.  The first attunement upgrades the physical body organs to accommodate the newly awakened and activated DNA. The second attunement is for the circulatory system; the third one is for the lymphatic system; the fourth one is for the kundalini energy channel and the fifth and final one is for the tantric energy channels

Crystalline Ultra-Violet Light Body DNA Activation, Clearing, Activation and Attunements

In this session, I transmit the crystalline ultra-violet light body to you and seven very powerful attunements.  This DNA activation session includes a clearing of anything and everything that would adversely impact your ability to activate and integrate the crystalline ultra-violet light body and the accompanying attunements.  After the clearing is done, the activation of the crystalline ultra-violet light body will take place and around 200,000 strands of your DNA will be activated assuming that you are ready for this activation to occur. The seven accompanying attunements assist each person to spiritualize, heal, balance and harmonize all of the spiritual and energetic bodies needed to integrate in the Ultra-Violet Light Body and DNA Activation.  This is a major step toward mastery and enlightenment.

Please note that these light body and DNA activations are very powerful and are not meant for everyone.  People need to have obtained a high level of mastery in order to receive the full benefits from this activation. Please go within and ask if you are ready for this activation BEFORE you order it.


Enlightenment and Healing Elixir Images

When I asked what the next step in the paintings project was, I got that I should paint a series of elixir images that people could print off and put under water to charge the water with the vibrations and energies from the elixir image.  I get that it takes around three (3) hours to upgrade water and that it is fine to use more than one elixir painting at a time. What I do is I have a print of each elixir which I stack one on top of each other and then I set a pitcher of water on the stack of elixir images. So when I drink water now, it is charged with the multidimensional healing and spiritual frequencies from the images. The energies for the Enlightenment Elixir paintings come largely from the great beings noted in the title. The Healing Elixir Images are being charged by the Angelic and Elohim Councils of Light with considerable assistance from the Over-Lighting Devas of Health and the DNA.

Mastery Activators

I was visiting friends in New Jersey when I got I should create two paintings for them. When I gave one of them to one of my most gifted healer friends, she connected with the energies and got that the purpose of the painting was to help her bring forward her mastery gifts from the future so that she could move into the world service work that she was meant to do at an accelerated rate. I got when I returned home to Florida that this was a service that I could offer to others as well. When I meditated on this, I got that I could create images for other people that would help them bring in the next level of mastery and activate their spiritual gifts for  a three to five year time period. I was also got that these images should be called Mastery Activators. I created one for myself which is posted on the linked page above.

Healing Activators

A week or two ago one of my friends injured himself and when I asked what I could do to help, I got that I should create a healing profile picture for him.  When I was meditating later that night I got that this was a service that I could offer to others as well. I got that these Healing Activator images would be encoded with lots of healing frequencies that were calibrated for the lifetime of the person who orders them.  I did one for myself which is posted on the linked page above.

Healing Template Images

When I asked what the next step in the paintings project was, I got that the first thing I should do was to create a series of paintings for abundance, clearing, healing, enlightenment and ones from the angels and for all of the Healing Holograms sessions.  I got that the best way to disseminate the Healing Template pictures would be to scan into pdf format and sell each painting as a digital image. Each digital image and all of the scans are set up energetically in such a way that the energy is maintained pristinely so that each image holds the same energy signature, frequency and intensity as the original painting. I also adjusted each image energetically so that they can be framed or laminated without losing any energy. I asked that the paintings be scan friendly and I am quite pleased with how the scans came out. There are images for:

  • Abundance
  • Angelic
  • Clearing
  • Healing
  • Enlightenment
  • Healing Holograms Sessions

Angelic Audio Transmissions
Powerful transmissions from the Angelic Councils of Light to assist you with forgiveness, clearing your energetic systems, transforming negative beliefs and emotions, opening heart chambers, enlightenment, abundance and much, much more...  Get a fresh start by working with the Angelic Councils of Light.


September 2006

Practical Mastery™ Audio Transmissions

There are now over 600 Practical Mastery™ (PM) sessions and the number continues to grow over time. I have decided to place a lot of the most important Practical Mastery™ tapes on audio recordings (MP3 format) because this is the best way I have found to drastically reduce the cost to you for these transmissions. Each recording in the PM Audio Transmissions series except for the third one for the Practical Mastery™ Shield Package has a transmission of nine sessions. Also they are energetically set up in such a way that people who order the recordings will receive a healing every time ANYONE ANYWHERE listens to the recording they ordered which is a very great gift.


Audio Mastery Sequences

“This is a very easy, simple way to receive sacred activations, attunements, healings and clearings from the Creator, Father/Mother GOD, the Heavenly Hosts and the highest beings of love and light and mastery who are here to assist all beings in this world and planet to bring in bring in great healing, great mastery and to assist beings to embody the highest state of love that they can. These gentle transmissions are very powerful but there is lots of ease and grace built in and most people will feel clearer and more vibrant after receiving these transmissions.” The Creator

I got that I needed to begin encoding a lot of the work I am bringing into the world into mp3 sound recordings so that it would be cheaper for people to order and it would get the work out to more people. These mp3 recordings are usually seven to twelve minutes long and the sacred transmissions encoded on each mp3 file are transferred to you instantly with ease and grace. The first group of fifteen transmissions is free so that you can get a sense of the energies being transmitted so that you can decide if you want to order them or not. 


Healing Heart Artwork™ Project

"Greetings! We are the Void Emissaries of Light. We are Creator Beings and masters in the principles of light, sound and healing. We work with the purity of cosmic colors, harmonics, tones, vibrations and particles of light in very powerful, and yet very gentle ways, to clear, heal and activate your beingness. The rays of light and color we specialize in have never been brought to this universe, galaxy, solar system or planet before. Due to the upliftment in spiritual consciousness of this world, we have volunteered our loving assistance for all who welcome it. We have joined our loving energies with those of Bill Austin in a beautiful heart- filled collaboration to bring you great healing, joy and love from the Creator. We have imbued color pigments of your world with the energy signature of our world to assist in awakening in you great healing, clearing, and the activation of your mastery. In each painting is an energetic symphony of color, sound and healing that affects ones’ consciousness on all levels - even those beyond your earthly senses and perceptions. This symphony of energetic healing is released when you look, hold or place the art in your environment.  The healing energy that is imbued in each unique piece of art is calibrated to assist all of humanity, Mother Earth, and all her brethren. There is enough healing calibrated in each painting to last one for many lifetimes. Every time a person looks at one of these paintings, the energy is transmitted and released to that person as great cleansing, healing and protection for self and for the environment where the picture resides that is continuous and ongoing. Each painting is also calibrated to anchor great healing for not only you and your loved ones, but for Mother Earth herself. Know that when you purchase a piece of this healing art that you are anchoring very powerful loving energies in your home and earth. As more and more people purchase this art, it will establish a magnificent grid of pure divine love around the planet, evoking great healing and peace for all of humanity and Gaia herself." The VOID Emissaries of Love

The Art From Bill's Perspective:

This for me has been one of the most unexpected twists on my spiritual journey. Around the middle of July I downloaded the first level of the VOID Mastery Sequences which is the most advanced work I have been honored to bring to the planet to date. The VOID Mastery Sequences are all about awakening the Creator GOD/Goddess within each of us. On July 29th, I woke up in the morning with this voice in my head ringing that said "Get out of bed. It is time to go to the art store. You're going to begin painting today." I woke up rather groggily ( I am NOT a morning person) and snapped back rather irritably  "Hey y'all have the wrong person. Remember I am the one that flunked art in second grade because my art teacher didn't like my lollypop trees and I graduated from law school as well." The voice rang back "Don't worry about it we will take care of the art details." Thus began a month long period of utter painting madness and obsession (and my living room carpet will never be the same again after its baptism by acrylics and airbrush paints). When I paint, I am in the same plane of consciousness that I  am when I am downloading and perfecting energetic templates that will become Practical Mastery™ and Mastery Sequences sessions. I suspect that these energies originate from the VOID. A hundred tempera paintings and fifty odd acrylic paintings later, I finally felt that I was good enough to work with canvas paper. There is great healing energy encoded into each of the images below, so you may want to take some deep breaths and spend some time viewing each image.

Testimonials for the Healing Heart Artwork




August 2006

Weekly Ascension Program

The goal of the Weekly Ascension Program is to support people to raise their vibration, to grow spiritually and to ascend. I will begin this program on September 3, 2006 and usually the transmissions will be sent on Sunday after I transmit the Weekly Maintenance /Self Improvement energies to people. Over the last year, I have brought in well over 400 sessions to assist people in the areas of spiritual growth, enlightenment and ascension.  However, there are now so many choices in this area that it is sometimes hard for people to determine what is aligned to their highest good in any given  moment.  

When I was meditating on what was the best way to assist people with their spiritual evolution, I got that I should begin a weekly transmission to a group of people who are interested in receiving this.  Each week each person in the group would receive a individualized divine ideal extract of ALL of the energies I work with around spiritual growth, emotional mastery, enlightenment and ascension. Basically each week I will align with GOD and hold a sacred space where each individual would receive a personally calibrated package of energies to assist with their spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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VOID Mastery Sequences

“Greetings. We are the VOID Emissaries of Light and we welcome you to these powerful transmissions to assist each individual in connecting and working with the energies of the VOID - which is the source of the world of matter. As most of you know, Gaia is in the midst of a powerful transformation, awakening and a paradigm shift to the fifth dimension. Many of you who read these words originate from the fifth and even higher planes of reality and you have incarnated here largely to serve humanity and/or the planetary consciousness of Gaia herself. Truly this is a most challenging assignment that you have undertaken. Many of you are helping to usher in, anchor, support and nourish the templates and energetic structures underlying “New Earth.” In order for many of you to step into your power and to fulfill the contracts you made with the Creator for this incarnation, you will have to begin connecting with the energies of the VOID and awakening and activating the Creator GOD/Goddess aspect that is your birthright as a child of GOD.  These VOID Mastery Sequences are one way of accomplishing this goal. They are a divine dispensation of grace from the Creator to those most blessed beings who resonate with and are aligned to these frequencies. These series of activations are very potent and may affect your life in many unexpected ways so as always you need to go within to ascertain if they are aligned to your highest good at this time before you partake of these energies. Blessings to each of you on your path of world service!”  VOID Emissaries of Light

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Creator Mastery Sequences

“The Creator Mastery Sequences are a divine dispensation of grace for those Ascended Masters who are incarnated here in this world. Prior to incarnating here, these great masters had to agree to suppress, turn off or be separated from the higher levels of their beingness and mastery so that they could come into a physically dense form (the physical body). They had contracted with the Creator that when the planetary energies evolved high enough and it could support their connection to their higher mastery again without destroying their physical body, that a great initiator would be incarnated here on Earth to act as a divine channel and catalyst to bring forth these activations and reconnections to their higher levels of their power and love. That channel is Bill Austin and the time is now for those who are ready to embrace their omnipotence and their place as a Co-Creator… to bring in and anchor magnificent cosmic forces of the highest love and light for the divine evolution of all beings in this world and others.”  The Creator

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Weekly Energetic Maintenance Program

 In my years of working on myself and helping others, I have observed that a lot of core issues come up over and over again not only for myself but also for most of the people I work with. I created the Weekly Maintenance Program to provide energetic support for the most common issues that we all face each day. Beginning on July 30, I am going to be transmitting energies once a week (Usually on early Sunday morning) a series of transmissions to people who wish to participate in the program. The twenty waves of transmissions I feel guided to offer at this time will help each participant in the program to:  

  • Clear, heal and release less-than-love energies, frequencies and vibrations from their consciousness and energy fields;

  • Release blocks to becoming abundant, prosperous and successful;

  • Release blocks to feeling happy, content, satisfied and fulfilled;

  • Release blocks to loving, accepting, liking, trusting and believing in yourself;

  • Clear core fear;

  • Clear stress, anxiety, tension and worry;

  • Clear, heal and recalibrate their emotional body;

  • Clear, heal and recalibrate their mental body;

  • Clear negative ego programming;

  • Clear negative self talk and inner dialog from their consciousness;

  • Clear addictive and obsessive programming, conditioning and behaviors;

  • Clear guilt, blame, shame and pity;

  • Clear depression, despair, sadness, hopelessness and sorrow;

  • Clear anger, rage, resentment and road rage;

  • Clear self sabotage, confusion and doub;

  • Clear stagnant, congested and unclear energies;

  • Clear heavy, dense, dark and slow energies;

  • Clear less than love energies, frequencies and vibrations from the personal finances, money, bank accounts, financial assets and liabilities;

  • Clear less than love energies, frequencies and vibrations from the job, place of employment and the company you work for;

  • Clear, heal and release less than love energies, frequencies and vibrations from the home, car and personal office spaces.

July 2006

GOD Mastery Sequences

"The GOD Mastery Sequences are the next level of Mastery Sequences that will help people to realize the “GOD” within themselves. The following Mastery Sequences are all about connecting to one's GOD presence within and bringing that energy or force through our vehicle for its divine expression. As we do this, it anchors this high blissful energy to this world. These mastery sequences are a part of GOD’s plan to assist us with our evolution and mastery of the GOD with in and to bring this “heaven” here to earth. These Mastery Sequences are also powerful initiators and activators of your mastery and self-realization of your GOD omnipotence. When you activate these high levels of mastery, your path and plan with GOD becomes illuminated and you come from a place within your heart of great service to others." GOD

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