Healing Heart Artwork™ Testimonials

"I feel that your work is so intuitive and pure in that it transmits something  larger than what we are 'programmed' to understand as art. It is expansive and vibrates on so many levels. The energy is coming in from very sophisticated energies. It feels like resonates with light language. I love it." Maria Bowling, www.MariaBowling.com )
"Hi, Bill,   My life is simply NOT slowing down, but did take time to sit with your exquisite painting.   As I already wrote you,  it feels fluid and explosive on first glance.   I love the brilliance of color and if you turn it upside down, (or even if you don't) you can depict a feminine creature with beautiful long eyelashes and colorful headdress, complete with a sort of crown, puckered and blowing out the creation.  I especially do like it because of the vibrancy of intense colors (could you even guess that of me?!).   It is definitely "goddess" material.   And even though the colors are brilliant, there is a softness to the expression because of the feathery strokes throughout the painting." Aurelia (One of the most gifted healers I know who lives in Denver)
"Dear Bill: I recently received a beautiful painting in Bill Austin's wonderful Healing Heart Artwork™ series. It revealed master sequences and magical encodements that are truly amazing! Bill's wonderful multi-dimensional energy allows his art to be uniquely crafted to create major shifts in consciousness and manifestation. I strongly recommend this art as a gift to others and humanity.With many blessings," Bryan L. McClellan (Tulsa, OK - www.quantumparadigmshifts.com)
"Bill: I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your artwork. I have it hanging opposite my desk where it's aliveness and invitation to centeredness invite me into deeper into myself. I find it a wonder filled co-creation and am appreciative of the gifts it presents. Namaskar." Brad Johnson (Minnesota)


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