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Void Emissaries of Light Mastery Sequences


"Greetings! We are the “Void Emissaries of Light” that are composed of 20+ councils of light, and growing, to assist the beings on this world. This is the first time we have worked in collaboration with humans, and more specifically, with humans on earth and we find this to be a very interesting prospect and venture. Because of the contracts made by Janée and Bill and the advances they had made, which far exceeded the Councils of Light’s expectations, we were invited in to assist with great gifts. In our world, the void, exists many many cities of light. We operate at the 122nd dimensional level and have never experienced form or physical bodies such as you do. We work with advanced principles of light and healing that has reached its time to be brought to this world to assist all who choose to embrace it. We work with the purity of color as seen through the eyes of Creator to assist those in clearing and healing on an individual basis, on a planetary level, and at times, on a galactic level if we are called in to do so. We work with all levels of the energetic system, including the spiritual structures that are being activated in some advanced beings on this planet for the first time in ages. We look forward to learning about your form as we are sure that you look forward to learning about us and together we will grow and expand in the light." In loving service, The Void Emissaries of Light


These Mastery Sequences are very advanced clearing and purifying rays that have not been brought into this galaxy before now. These rays are composed of pure colors that are light years more advanced then our 4th dimensional color spectrum on earth and we did our best to identify and describe these rays by using our 4th dimensional color perception. If you tune in to these sequences energetically you will feel their magnificence and purity. These beings work with 100% pure spectrum ray colors of all the rays that have been created by the Creator. They told us that the 7 rays that we work with on this planet are watered down in its strength and operate at only 10% of their full capacity due to where the evolution of this planet is now. These ray transmissions below will be stepped down for our form and calibrated for each individual to give the greatest assistance in clearing and healing that is far more advanced that what we have had previously available.

  • Blue Ray: Essential clearing for the emotional body.

  • Violet Ray: Purification of energetic bodies and systems.

  • Bright Orange Ray: Gross/Macro level extraction of imbalances and slow energy from the energetic bodies and systems.

  • Magenta Ray: Fine/Micro level extraction of imbalances and slow energy from the energetic bodies and systems.

  • Blue/Turquoise Ray: Brings in the energies of tranquility and solitude to soothe the energetic bodies and systems after the bright orange and magenta ray clearings.

  • Red/White Ray: Purification and healing ray.

  • Orange/White Ray: Energetic tonic to calm and soothe the organs.

  • Blue/Green Ray: Balances the electromagnetic energy fields of the organs, bodies, systems and spaces.

  • Golden/White Ray: Spiritualizes the energetic bodies and systems by raising the vibration for optimal health, well-being and vitality.

  • Orange/Magenta Ray: Transmutes lower vibration energies and frequencies.

  • Blue/Violet Ray: Higher level version of the Violet Flame that works on all of the energy bodies.

  • White/Light Blue Ray: Balances and realigns the subtle energy bodies.

  • Purple/Fuchsia Ray: Clears the mind, heart and the heart/mind connection.

  • White/Green Ray: Heals the heart chakra.

  • White/Pink Ray: Heals the multi-dimensional heart.

  • White Opal/Blue/Green/Pink Ray: Realigns the individual to the Creator.

  • Salmon Pink Ray: Balances and recalibrates one in love.

  • Orange/Yellow/Magenta Ray: Chakra clearing and anointing.

  • Pea-Green/Lime Ray: Clears stagnant energies from the energetic bodies and systems.

  • Multi-Colored Ray Infusion of 200 Other Rays: These additional rays purify, balance, heal, align and spiritualizes the energetic bodies, fields and systems so that humans can embody higher level spiritual energies and frequencies.

It is a real mastery choice and commitment to order these sessions. These Mastery Sequences for enlightenment are gifted once in an individual's lifetime. Cost is $90 and for an additional $45, I can attune you to be able to transmit these energies to others. 

Void Emissaries of Light Mastery Sequences Attunement

AFTER you have ordered the Void Emissaries of Light Mastery Sequences, you may then be attuned to transmit these energies to others.  A read only version of the attunement to transfer the Void Emissaries of Light Mastery Sequences is encoded into the image below.  Please align with GOD and ask if receiving this attunement would be aligned with your highest good. IF AND ONLY IF you get a YES, you may order below.









Void Emissaries of Light Mastery Sequences
Void Emissaries of Light Mastery Sequences Attunement (Prerequisite is ordering the Void Emissaries of Light Mastery Sequences)

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