Mastery Sequences for Ascension & Enlightenment: 
Spiritual Initiations, Activations and Attunements

“The Mastery Sequencesfor Enlightenment are a spiritual dispensation from the Creator to assist beings on this planet with clearings, healings and activations of mastery that can propel them into the emerging Golden Age of Enlightenment.  We welcome you to select all that resonates within your heart for your heart knows what is aligned with your path and plan with the Creator.” CHRIST

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Mastery Sequences for Enlightenment:   Activations for spiritual growth from the Archangels, the Creator,  Holy Spirit and many more!

Thematic Mastery Sequences:  Targeted energetic activations for Self Love,  Abundance, Forgiveness, Transcending the Ego and Fear, Trust and many more!

Mastery Sequences from the Ascended MastersActivations from Christ, Buddha, Mother Mary, Quan Yin and many more!