Mastery Sequences from the Ascended Masters

It is a real mastery choice and commitment to order these sessions. These Mastery Sequences for enlightenment are gifted once in an individual's lifetime.  As the individual expands and grows in their love and light quotients over their life, their soul will be automatically offered and gifted with more spiritual dispensations to fully assist these beings on their path and plan with the Creator.  These sessions will propel you forward exponentially in your mastery and in your service to the Creator.

Each Mastery Sequences is transmitted in a mp3 audio recording and costs $33 unless otherwise noted.

Orders over $125 qualify for a Twenty-Five (25) Percent Discount

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  • Apollo/Athena Mastery Sequences

    • "To attain mastery of self, one needs to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of self to function at higher levels of mastery or androgyny so to speak. Duality has created separateness of the sexes where one is clearly male or female, when it is our birthright to be in physical form and embody the divine attributes and power of both the masculine and the feminine. In doing so, war will end and peace will reside in your soul and in your world. Apollo is the representation of the masculine and I, Athena, am the representation of the feminine. We are one GOD but because of the duality and separation on this planet, we came in as separate masters to teach others how to once again merge back together as one.  We will teach you how to master the fine qualities and attributes of Love that each feminine and masculine aspect brings in order to attain the perfection of the soul."  The Goddess Athena

  • Babaji’s Mastery Sequences

    • Greetings! I am Love and I am here to remind you that you are love too. Every cell of you is composed of magnificent love from the Creator that makes up your perfected blueprint for your human form. I will assist you in awakening this gift with in your being so that you can reclaim your birthright, activate your GOD DNA, and be propelled in your divine mastery and service mission for the light and the highest good of all. Once you accept these mastery sequences I will be your personal guide to assist you in the completion of your mission here on earth. My love will light the way, support you and guide you in your magnificence that you are!  In loving service, your friend,”  Babaji

  • Buddha Mastery Sequences

    • “My devoted followers, I have been given permission from the Creator to offer you these most astounding and divine dispensations that will excel you on your path to planetary mastery. Allow me to clear your spiritual senses and activate them so that you can soar to higher levels of divinity. Allow me to activate what is your birthright - your connection to the Creator and allow this connection to become a part of your daily life and routine with ease and grace. Allow me to release your burdens of the past and connect you to higher realms of love, light and learning. In doing so, you become the vehicle to bring these energies here for the enlightenment of all. My devoted followers do not merely walk in my footsteps but instead walk beside me for all is known on the path of gold.”     -  Buddha

    • Lord Buddha has stepped forward with some very powerful activations for this time on the planet:

    • Eye of God (third eye activation)

    • Heart of God (heart chakra opening, expansion and activation)

    • Ears of God (increases and enhances clairaudience)

    • Buddha Cleansing (golden light clearing for physical and etheric bodies and for all energetic systems)

    • Cellular Memory Clearing (uses the Violet/Gold flame to transmute, heal and clear cellular memory)

    • Buddha Alignment to God (aligns your energetic bodies, fields, parts and particles to the Creator)

    • Knowledge Attunement to the Buddhic Planes (brain expansion and third eye activation which places, opens and activates a lotus of light in your third eye)

    • Buddha Lotus Activation for the Heart (heart expansion activation which places, opens and activates a lotus of love in your heart and also connects the lotus in the heart to the lotuses in the third eye, throat and ears)

    • Buddha Lotus Activation for the Throat (throat chakra activation which places, opens and activates a lotus of love and light into your throat and creates rods of light from the lotus in the throat to the lotuses in the heart, third eye and ears)

    • Buddha Lotus Activation for the Ears (installs a lotus of love and light into both ears  and creates rods of light from the lotuses in the ears to the lotuses in the third eye, heart and throat)

    • Buddha Accelerator (a permanent attunement and activation to raise the cellular vibration of a being - assisting them to release slow, negative and/or dense energies and frequencies.

    • Buddha's Golden Spheres (a permanent attunement and activation to increase the speed and vibration of quantum fields, parts and particles including the atomic structures and levels)

    • Buddha's Golden Waterfall (a permanent attunement and activation from Buddha to assist you in becoming more fluid in all of your energetic systems)

    • Buddha Grounding (helps you to anchor and embody more of your spiritual energy and power into your physical body in a grounded manner)

    • Buddha's Earth Grounding (helps you to anchor and ground into the highest level energies of Gaia)

    • Buddha's Temple of Knowledge Within Your (activates the temple of knowledge within your heart so that you can live more from the heart)

    • Buddha Neutrality and Detachment (plants a seed of light within your energy fields to help you to stay detached and neutral in the midst of change and when others around  you are caught up in drama or processing)

    • Buddha Renewal and Rejuvenation (clears the lower reptilian brains of density, upgrades pineal gland functioning, brings in light codes for immortality)

    • Buddha's Gift of Serenity (heart expansion attunement that opens chambers in the heart to peace and serenity)

    • Buddha Activation for Mastery (assists you to align to higher spiritual vibrations, frequencies and energy patterns to assist you to achieve planetary ascension)

  • Buddha/Quan Yin Mastery Sequences

    • "Within the realms of spiritual mastery, one is taught how to master the mind so that it can not rule the heart. Great teaching and practice is performed by the initiate to teach the mind to come from the heart so that it may lead the mind in love. This is the corner stone to Buddhist philosophy. Another important teaching is the mastery of the masculine and the feminine aspects of oneself. It is the merging of these dualities that allows one to tap into greater levels of awareness of GOD and the higher realms of love. These mastery sequences will assist one in merging, integrating and healing the duality aspects within them so that one may know, feel and experience higher love." Lord Buddha and Quan Yin 

  • Christ/Mary Magdalene Mastery Sequences
    • "Beloveds, now is the time to reclaim your “Christship”, your mastery, and the truth of who you are. We are in service to our Lord and are here to help you reclaim this forgotten path that lies dormant within your heart of hearts. Let us awaken the Christ within you so that you may radiate this blessed essence and love at all times. At the time I was incarnated here on your planet I was but one Christed individual to teach many who were willing to learn the Christed ways. Now in your most recent history there will be many Christed beings walking this earth in service to teach the ways of our Lord." Christ and Mary Magdalene

  • Christos/Buddha Mastery Sequences
    • "These mastery sequences will activate the sleeping Christos/Buddha blueprints and imprints that are encoded in your DNA, your cells and in your heart. These are the blueprints that were activated and awakened by the masters that walked and continue to walk this earth, including Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Quan Yin, Sai Baba, St. Germain and many more! This is a most amazing dispensation from the Universal Office of the Christ and my gift to you."Lord Maitreya, Head of the Universal Office of the Christ

  • Da Vinci Mastery Sequences

    • “Da Vinci  was a visionary that tapped not only into the events of the future, but into the future of his mastery as experienced in the higher dimensional realms. These mastery sequences will activate your future potentialities and mastery and bring them forward for their expression in the here and now.”  The Creator

  • El Morya Mastery Sequences

    • ‘My friends and dear loved ones, feel the love that I am emanating from my heart to yours. You are Not alone on your journey. You have much assistance and guidance from us beloved servants of GOD. Ask and you shall receive the bountiful love and healing that GOD has for each and every one of you. Feel the purple ray of wisdom, clarity and divinity lovingly fill you, raising you to higher levels of your mastery, brining you closer to the divinity that awaits to be remembered and activated within you. This is my gift to you. With Love and light of the high heavens,”   El Morya

  • Ganesh Mastery Sequences  

    • “I may be big, but I am gentle. Feel my love for you and feel my compassion that I have for you that will dissolve the barriers and obstacles in your life like gentle rain melting an ice cube. I can assist you in the realization that what you may perceive as solid, hard barriers, are really “blobs of putty” that can be dissolved and transformed with love. Love conquers all, love heals all wounds and love is the path that leads to all that there is…..GOD. This is my gift to you. Namasté.” Ganesh

  • Green Tara/White Tara Mastery Sequences  

    • “Let me reveal the secrets of great health and vitality. In my incarnation here on earth, I mastered the art of mudras and learned the ways of the ancients to cleanse, heal and balance the body and it’s energetic systems. I also learned the mudras for enlightenment and divinity. In these sequences, are great gifts awaiting to propel you forward in your mastery. This is my gift to you.     -In loving service” Green Tara

  • Hilarion Mastery Sequences

    • “Greetings! I gift you with stamina, devotion and guidance on your most sacred of journeys to knowing the GOD/GODDESS that you all ready are. Does this sound like a riddle? No, I assure you there are no riddles here, just universal truths of your magnificence and your choice to shine! These mastery sequences are a divine dispensation that will assist you in mastering common stumbling blocks to ascension, such as pitfalls of maya, illusion and glamour of this world or otherwise commonly known as “the ego”. I assure you that the ego is not to be feared but embraced and loved. When that happens, ego is transcended to higher love and ego no longer operates as a separate entity, but it is absorbed into the oneness of your soul and its expression is much more loving and in servitude. I will assist in helping you to absorb your individual ego to embrace your global service.”  Lord Hilarion

  • Horus Mastery Sequences

    • " Many of you know me from the Horus Mystery School teachings from ancient Egypt. In those times, I assisted many initiates in the ways of becoming a “Christed Being” here on earth. It is time again to remember those teachings and ways to bring them forward to today’s world.  Those who will be drawn to these Mastery Sequences will be those who had trained in the Egyptian mystery schools at the last age of enlightenment, the Age of Leo. These Mastery Sequences will reawaken your memory and the encodements that you received in the past so that you can bring them forward to today’s world. This was part of your initiation and training you received in ancient Egypt so that you could incarnate at this time and bring forward the Christed knowledge and gifts to this new age of enlightenment." Horus, Ascended Master of the Divine Christed Light

  • Isis/Osiris Mastery Sequences

    • Isis is personified as the female creative power that conceived and brought forth all living creatures. Through the ancient Egyptian legend of losing her husband (Osiris) and the great grief she experienced, and the healing process needed to reclaim her power to conquer the evil forces that killed her husband, it teaches us how to do the same within our being and soul. These Mastery Sequences assists one in balancing the emotions so that the male and female sides of each individual can unite. Through the feminine force, the heart is nurtured and fulfilled.  In order to heal the deep seeded emotional wounds we carry, we must first balance the forces of the heart and mind, and the male and the female within ourselves, to evolve to a new wholeness in divine unison.

  • Krishna Mastery Sequences

    • "I am the embodiment of divine love. Feel my love for you radiate throughout your being. This is your true nature that you have forgotten and I will assist you in that remembrance. I am here to teach you and to reawaken in you your greatest love for self, others and all of Creation. You are that love now but have through the veils of time and illusion forgotten your true mastery. Allow me to reawaken or shall I say, reconnect you to this great love that resides within you."  Lord Krishna, Avatar

  • Kuthumi Mastery Sequences

    • “Feel my love and know that it is I, Kuthumi. I have mastered the realm of magnetic properties for healing, balance and harmony. I pass these magnetic gifts unto you in these Mastery Sequences to propel you forward in great healing and in the awakening of your great mastery. For you see, you are all ready great masters, but have been veiled to the truth of who you really are. I will lift those veils and reveal to you the love that you truly are.”  - Ascended Master Kuthumi

  • Lady Nada Mastery Sequences

    • “Feel my love for you and you will find the shackles of your heart melt away, for when you love, you know true freedom. Allow me to assist you in awakening your true nature, that which is love. I will assist you in these Mastery Sequences to activate blessed facets with in your heart chakra so that you may awaken greater levels of love with in your being.” - Blessed Lady Nada

  • Lakshmi Mastery Sequences

    • “Hello, I AM Lakshmi. I am honored to be of service to the Divine by gifting you with these Mastery Sequences that will make your heart soar into the highest heavens. By awakening the love of your heart, you awaken to your true mastery and awaken to the GOD, the Divinity with in you, to know and experience greater worlds.” - In Loving service,” Lakshmi

  • Mahatma Mastery Sequences   

    • “Greetings divine ones, we are the Mahatma! Feel the love of our hearts connect to the love of your hearts and become one. For we are all “one”. We are all the cogs and sprockets that make up the great wheel of Creation. Each and every one of you has a more important and divine purpose in this wheel then you will ever know. Let us assist you in great leaps in you consciousness to know higher realms of love and light.” - The Mahatma

  • Maitreya Mastery Sequences

    • “My children, we are in an age of much change, of much turmoil, and thus, it creates a tremendous opportunity to remember that we are love, and through our love, we can move mountains and shift the density of this world to that of a Christed vibration. These mastery sequences are a gift of your divine birthright that was taken away from humans of this world a very long time ago by beings that wanted you to forget your brilliance and magnificence of your Christed self, your God self, of your divine Christed being. I return this memory and gift to you, like a well needed appendage being returned to you. Blessings my children on your remembrance, your love and the mastery of your Christed being as seen through the eyes of your beloved Creator.”  Lord Maitreya

  • Mary Magdalene Mastery Sequences

    • "When I was incarnated on earth, I studied along with Jesus in many mystery schools in Egypt, France, Spain and more. In the trainings we received, we learned to transcend density and learned to be our highest love at the Throne of GOD. We learned what it is to be a “Christed Being” and to bring that knowledge, love and gifts forward to share with the world. These mastery sequences will transform all that blocks you from your “Christed Self” and will awaken your gifts of love to share and teach to others so that one day they may touch and awaken their true Christed Self. In love of the Christ," Mary Magdalene

  • Melchizedek Mastery Sequences

    • “Within these mastery sequences lies knowledge of your universal mastery. It is the map to universal consciousness and mastery for not only your ascension, but for the long awaited ascension of this universe into the vibration of the Christed universes at the Throne of GOD. It is the quite essential “spiritual map” that will accelerate your spiritual evolution and this universe’s by your mere acceptance of it.”  - Lord Melchizedek, Universal Logos

  • Metatron Mastery Sequences

    • “These mastery sequences contain mastery codes from the “true” Keys of Enoch in its most pristine and holy form as it was originally brought to this world to assist in the ascension of all. It is the untouched, ever expanding codes in its most sacred form, that will be downloaded into your mastery archives, to be initiated at divine moments in your evolution to propel you forward in your gifts & mastery.”  Metatron

  • Metatron, Mahatma, Melchizedek Mastery Sequences

    •  “These mastery sequences combine many mystery school activations and many ascension schools of thought to assist one in achieving their mastery. It combines Egyptian, Lemurian, Atlantean, Sirian and Pleadian schools of thought to assist and awaken in the incarnated souls here in this world, advanced and specialized gifts that are a part of their mastery codes that have not been awakened for more than 70,000 years, at the last age of Enlightenment. If it is in your coding to have this awakened, then you will be drawn to these mastery sequences, which will act like a key to open and activate this most ancient mastery within you.”  The Creator

  • Mohammed Mastery Sequences

    • "Greetings, for I am Mohammed. I welcome you to the greatest love that is all ready contained within your heart of hearts. Allow me to share my mastery and love for you and GOD. Allow me to awaken your divine path and plan with the Creator and restore your place high in the cosmos at the throne of GOD. Allow me to show you the way to quiet your mind, find peace and tranquility within your being, within your soul, within your destiny. Within the peace and solitude of the mind is the answers you seek. For I am Mohammed and I bid you farewell."

  • Mother Mary Mastery Sequences

    • "Allow the love of my heart to illuminate your beingness. This is the love that GOD has and feels for you at any and all times. This is the love that heals, this is the love that miracles are created from. Allow us to heal your weaknesses, strengthen you, and raise you to the truth of your divinity, your omnipotence. Allow us to dust you off, polish you so that you shine and resonate like a jewel in perfection. Within my arms is salvation and safety. Within my arms there is great love and healing waiting for you. Allow me to take you to greater heights of love where you can soar like an angel, boundless, ageless, bathe in this most divine light." Mother Mary

  • Omniverse Merlin Mastery Sequences    

    • “On our path to mastery, we encounter greatness that can not be defined. It is the trials and tribulations that lead us to great discovery of self and the worlds we live in. Some may say that this discovery is truly magical, for mere words can not describe the feelings of accomplishment, knowingness and deep love that flow with in our veins when we reach and discover higher truths.”  - Omniverse Merlin

  • Quan Yin Mastery Sequences

    • (Laughter) I am Quan Yin. You focus too hard on your spirituality and your ascension process looking to receive all the activations you can get to get you closer and closer to your mastery. Ahhhhhh……..but you forget that mastery means many things and encompasses many things. This is what you have not learned or I would not be here now talking with you……right? (Laughter) Mastery is fun, not serious. It is about smelling the roses along the way. Many of you think you should take time to smell the roses only after you have reached mastery…… tsk… tsk…tsk…  Mastery is also about mastering child-like qualities and innocence, to enjoy life and have fun. Something this world does not know much of. That’s why I am here to serve and help you to remember this part of you, a part of you that you work hard to deny! Some of you refer to this part of you as your inner child and “yes” it is and then again “no” it is not. It is much more. It is the part of you that keeps you in balance…that expands you to knowledge and the wonders of this world. In innocence and purity so much more is opened to you….and that is mastery!   - Quan Yin  

    • When I was downloading this group of initiations from Quan Yin, the first thing she did was give us a lecture on the importance of being more joyful, playful and fun. I was feeling a lot of pressure to get this work out into the world on that day and as soon as I asked for these sessions for myself, I felt an immediate shift to a more care-free, light-hearted space.

    • Joy

    • Laughter

    • Fun

    • Frivolity

    • Innocence (child-like)

    • Care-Free

    • Peace

    • Serenity

    • Solitude

    • Attunement to All Things in Creation

    • Play

    • Contagious Joyfulness

    • Compassion

    • Compassion with Wisdom

    • Flow of Mastery

    • Attunement to the Natural Rhythms

    • Rolling with the Punches

    • Self Appreciation

    • Gratitude

    • Passion

  • Saint Germain Mastery Sequences

    • "Let me share with you the gift of alchemy and transformation! We will transform your lower vibrational or negative emotions and raise them to the vibration of your soul. We will spiritualize your less desirable emotions to raise you to new levels of being, to new levels of mastery, to new levels of expression that comes from your soul. Energetic filters will be permanently placed in specific locations in your auric fields to purify and spiritualize all that you send out to others and all that you receive from others, empowering each energetic interaction to come from higher levels of light and love."   -    St. Germain

    • Transforming Negative Emotions

    • Transforming Density in the Energetic Bodies

    • White Flame Clearing (fine, high level clearing for energetic systems)

    • Activation of the Tri-Fold Flame (love, wisdom, power)

    • Transforming Lower to Higher Vibration Thoughts

    • Violet Robe of Transmutation

    • Solar Plexus Shield

    • Third Eye/Crown Shield

    • Soul Cord Shield

    • Flame of Purification (multi-dimensional)

    • Transforming and Spiritualizing Sexuality

    • Neutralizer Shield for Feet (to neutralize less-than-love energies from Earth)

    • Neutralizer Shield for Head (to neutralize less-than-love energies from the cosmos)

    • Front and Back Heart Shield

    • Total Chakra Clearing and Purification

    • Lower Back Shield

    • All Field(s) Filter

    • Energetic Tuning Forks for the Head (helps people attune to higher dimensions)

    • Attunement for Aligning with the Universal Manifestation Grids for Mastery

    • Rainbow Transmutation Grid

  • Sanat Kumara Mastery Sequences

    • "Within these mastery sequences contains the greatest gift. That is the gift of knowing your true self. In knowing your true self you know your spiritual gifts and your greatest love for all of Creation, for you are creation and creation is you…you are one and in that oneness lies great mastery, great potentiality, great service and the greatest love. These mastery sequences will propel you to the greatest heights of mastery and accelerate your ascension process allowing you to be a great beacon of light to teach and guide others. These mastery sequences are for the most serious and dedicated ascension initiates for it will propel you into greater planetary service."  Sanat Kumara

  • Serapis Bey Mastery Sequences

    • "The mind is a miraculous gift from spirit. It is an energetic computer that expands and grows as one’s perceptions of their world grows. In these mastery sequences, allow me to assist you to know and understand the wisdom of the heart and to bring that expansion to the mind.”  - Serapis Bey

  • Shiva Mastery Sequences

    • "Allow me to cast out the demons that possess you so that more love and light can fill those spaces in your heart and being. Allow me to show you how to be a beacon of love and light without drawing the lesser energies to you. Allow me to show you how to master and conquer your fears and replace them with the greatest love. I AM Lord Shiva, a warrior of the greatest love from the Michael line and I am in service to you and the light." Lord Shiva, Avatar


  • Thor/Freya Mastery Sequences

    • “Thor and Freya are Nordic deities and blessed ascended masters that had learned to overcome the confines of duality, of masculinity and femininity and to rejoice in the oneness of all of Creation. These Mastery Sequences will assist one in overcoming major barriers and obstacles in their life, to transcend duality and to master the cosmic law of Oneness. They will teach you how to transcend the illusionary confines of duality and to embrace the oneness of all of Creation.”  - The Creator

  • Thoth Mastery Sequences

    • "It is time for me to share with you the mysteries of the cosmos and how to master them as a co-creator with GOD. I will provide you with the necessary initiations to raise you to the vibratory levels necessary to receive these gifts, teachings and training. Many have trained in my mystery schools in Atlantis and Egypt and mastered this knowledge. Now in this age of Aquarius, I am opening the doors to my school once again for you and others to receive this knowledge and training once again. Once you accept these Mastery Sequences you become a student in my school for a lifetime of teachings that will raise you to great mastery levels to support your service mission to the light."  We are all one, Thoth

    • Temple Initiation (varies from individual as to which temple)

    • Initiation into the Divine

    • Initiation into Self

    • Aligning Will with the Creator

    • Initiation into the Emerald Tablets

    • Initiation into the Book of Thoth

    • Golden Keys to Mastery

    • Golden Keys to Ascension

    • Initiation into the Doors of Mastery

    • Initiation into the Process of Infinite Expansion

    • Initiation into the Book of Creation

    • Removing the Veils of Space, Time and Illusion

    • Transcending the Limitations of the Zodiac

    • Transcending the Limitations of the Human DNA

    • Transcending the Multidimensional Veils

    • Initiation into the Book of the Sun

    • Initiation into the Halls of Wisdom

    • Rebirth

    • Expansion and Awareness of All Probable Realities

    • Harnessing the Energies of the Universe for Mastery

In each of these recordings, I will begin by transmitting to you some general balancing and clearing frequencies to help you to clear your energetic spaces prior to receiving the transmission. 


Each Mastery Sequences is transmitted in a mp3 audio recording and costs $33 unless otherwise noted.

These sessions usually cost $60 unless otherwise noted in the description and I am now transmitting these sessions via audio recordings in MP3 format. YOU ONLY NEED TO LISTEN TO THEM ONCE TO FULLY RECEIVE THE ENERGIES.  You may order them from the form at the bottom of this page. After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email that will have the links to where you may download the recording. If you have any problems downloading the recording, please email me at Bill.Austin@Prodigy.Net for assistance.

Orders over $125 qualify for a Twenty-Five (25) Percent Discount

I created a new shopping cart just for audio recordings and digital images so that you can receive your products IMMEDIATELY after you place your order.  After you make an order, the order confirmation email that you will receive will contain a link on the Healing Holograms web site where you can download the images.  All you have to do is to click on the links and follow the instruction about how you can save the file to your computer. 

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Apollo and Athena Mastery Sequences
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Christos/Buddha Mastery Sequences
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Mohammed Mastery Sequences
Mother Mary Mastery Sequences
Omniverse Merlin Mastery Sequences
Quan Yin Mastery Sequences
Saint Germain Mastery Sequences
Sanat Kumara Mastery Sequences
Serapis BeyMastery Sequences
Shiva Mastery Sequences
Thor and Freya Mastery Sequences
Thoth Mastery Sequences

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