"Thank you so much for today's telephone session. So many things are moving around in the physical body and my energy body. I am taking it very slow as the changes feel profound. The most profound shifts are happening around my heart and in my joints. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and wisdom with me. I have already begun some re-writes for the website. : )Safe travels and many blessings, Maria." (Maria Bowling, www.MariaBowling.com, NY)

Telephone Sessions

In these times of heightened ascension activity on Gaia, I get that it is time for me to begin working with clients on the phone.  In these sessions, I will be aligning with and becoming one with the energy of the Creator and working from this level to assist you. What I generally feel guided to do in these sessions is help you identify the energetic patterns you want me to assist you with and then I connect with the Creator and transmit energy to the patterns you identify to help heal, clear and release them. This is the most effective approach to telephone work I have found.  I encourage telephone clients to  make a prioritized list of the patterns and issues that you would like to work on before we talk on the phone.


"Before my session with Bill I was feeling pretty crappy and during the session it was like he just lifted everything leaving me feeling light and happy. What really pleased me was how quick and efficient Bill was at addressing a wide range of core issues. He not only addressed the issues that I had presented him, he also worked intuitively with what needed to be addressed at a deeper level and also gave intuitive advice. I feel so safe and comfortable talking to Bill that I feel I can share anything with him. He is very personal, takes time to connect, and makes sure that you feel complete at the end of the session. Bill is one of the most warmest, compassionate, and deeply effective healers that I came ever came across." (Brent Pilegard Boulder, CO)


Before we begin with the specific issues you want to work on, I will transmit to you some general balancing and clearing frequencies prior to the telephone session to help you to clear out negative and dense energies from your quantum energetic fields, bodies & systems as well as from your home, release negative ego programming, tune-up your chakras, etc.  I am finding people clear a LOT from this general healing, clearing and balancing work. This balancing work clears out a lot of less-than-love stuff and helps you to clear the issue(s) or patterns you are working with at deeper levels so that you can benefit more from the telephone session. 


"Bill comes to the table with several years of healing experience and many techniques at his disposal.  His work with me was incisive and to the point and tailored to my perceptual framework.  Bill got right to my core issues. I felt we got an amazing amount done, and I was left with recommendations -- call them prescriptions -- for follow up work, and specific techniques to use.  In thinking back over the session, what strikes me most is that on the face of it, it was as simple as a conversation, and yet very deep and thoroughgoing.  While I would like to work with Bill again soon, I feel like the work of this session will last me for a long time."  (Barney S, Oregon)

When I meditated on the length of the phone sessions, I got a half hour would be too little for most people and an hour too much so I have decided that each telephone session will will cost $100 for forty-five (45) minutes plus the cost of making the telephone call if you live outside of the United States.  I prefer to work from 2:00 to 7:00 pm on Tuesday through Friday. I am located in St Petersburg, FL in the US which is in the same time zone as New York City. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible about scheduling an appointment as soon as you order a session.  It would be helpful if you would indicate on the comments section of the order form at least two or three dates and times for the i\session (please specify the time zone) that would be good for you.  Thanks.


Forty-Five (45) Minutes of Telephone Session Time ($100)



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