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Soul Mantra:
I am the Soul and Monad.

I am the Light Divine.
I am Love.
I am Will.
I am Perfect Design.

  • About six inches to two feet above the top of your head is the eighth chakra or soul star. To your third eye, the soul star looks like an orange ball of light that hovers above the seventh or crown chakra. Its size, brightness and proximity to the body depends upon how strongly you are linked with your soul. Activating the soul star can help you to strengthen your connection with your soul. You can activate the soul star by getting into a meditative state, visualizing the soul star, and mentally repeating the Soul Mantra over and over again. This is a very powerful technique.
  • The Soul Mantra is ancient. The words are fairly self-explanatory except for "I am fixed design." This refers to your soul or life purpose. Each of us has a plan for what we want to accomplish in this incarnation even if we are not consciously aware of what this is.
  • Our inner divinity, our I AM Presence, is the only thing in life that really matters. People come and go looking for Michelangelo when they ARE Michelangelo.
  • While on Earth we tend to perceive ourselves as limited physical beings, powerless to control our lives and destinies. In reality, we are powerful, spiritual beings of Light whose consciousness is vast enough to encompass universes within and universes without.
  • How I feel about my spiritual status and progress does not correspond to my actual spiritual status. The important thing is to nourish my soul day in and day out regardless of how I feel.
  • Our souls originate from God and long to return to Him. Like calls to like and the Spirit within us longs to be reunited with the Spirit from which it springs.
  • Often the little things of life are more treasured by the soul than the big things that we obsess about. For example, how we deal with people each day is more important to the soul than how much money we make, even if we think about money more.
  • The god-within-us - our Soul or I Am Presence - expresses itself in the material world through creativity.
  • A crisis can be viewed as an invitation for us to connect with our soul. When we begin to establish a relationship with our soul, potential crises die in the womb.
  • Human life as we experience it begins when the consciousness of the soul merges with the physical body or fetus. We are each a spark of awareness - God stuff. The soul assigned to the fetus very rarely merges with the body until it is certain to come to term. A lot of the moral and ethical dilemmas we have about abortion involve moot points.
  • The human body is the physical manifestation of soul energy. Basically what happens is that the energy of the Creator is transmitted to the monad or oversoul - the origin of the soul. The monad steps down and transmits life force energy to the soul. The soul uses this energy to create first the emotional body, then the mental body and finally the physical one. That the body even exists at all is a miracle of the first order.
  • What you really love to do is what youíre meant to do. The happiest and most fulfilled people on this planet are those who are both pursuing and expressing their soul purpose. If you want to be happy, you must find out what you incarnated to do and begin doing it. Meditate upon your life purpose and it will reveal itself, usually a little bit at a time.
  • The purpose behind all spiritual growth techniques is for the person to connect with their soul. Daily meditation builds a bridge of light, sometimes called the rainbow bridge, between the human body and the Soul. When you connect with your soul through meditation every day, your bridge of light solidifies and the Soul can merge Its consciousness and light into the body and personality. When you meditate irregularly, your bridge of light is erratic and the Soul cannot merge with the body. This is why it is so important to meditate day in and day out even if you donít feel like it.
  • Although humans rejoice at births and cry at deaths, the perspective of the soul is exactly the opposite. The more evolved you are, the less you fear death. Highly evolved souls welcome death and view incarnations here much like a prisoner views a life sentence.
  • The two greatest concerns the soul has before it incarnates are: 1. That we will forget our soul purpose and 2. that we will harm others more than we help them, and thus regress rather than progress during the lifetime. This is why it is so important to find out what you are meant to do and to live by the golden rule or the ten commandments or whatever your religion or belief system calls it. Every world religion teaches moral guidelines to assist believers to live a karma-free life, although only a few of them would phrase it in this way.
  • Ultimately, everyone will connect to and merge with their Soul. How and when you achieve this is where free will comes into play.
  • When God has an idea, She places it in a soul and releases it into the universe. After the idea plays itself out and explores all of its ramifications, it eventually returns to God laden with experience. This is one way that God uses to know Itself.
  • If we trusted our souls as much as we trust our pilots, we would always accomplish our soul purpose.
  • Human beings are meant to follow their soul purpose like logs follow the current of a river.
  • Experience is to the soul what knowledge is to the mind.
  • Your soul cares more about how much stuff you process than with how much stuff you own.
  • A successful life to your soul is one in which you both accomplish your soul purpose and open your heart.
  • People usually don't like aspects of their physical bodies but it is very precious indeed in the eyes of the soul. When a child is conceived on Earth, several souls contend for it in Spirit, with the winner being the soul that can best utilize the body to maximize the soul's learning experience. Once a soul has been assigned to a body, the soul works with the genetic heritage of the parents, their combined DNA, to sculpt a body that best fulfills the purpose of that soul. No physical feature or trait or attribute about your body is accidental. LOVE YOUR BODIES; THEY WERE NOT LOANED TO YOU WITHOUT DEEP PURPOSE.
  • The Goddess gave us a strong will so that we could force ourselves to DAILY connect with our souls even when we don't want to.
  • Our real work here is to connect with our souls even if we don't get paid for it. When you begin doing your real work, however, everything else begins to fall into place. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God ...."
  • Just as a photograph cannot capture the vivid beauty surrounding us, neither can the body fully reflect the radiance of our souls.
  • The soul creates a body on Earth for exactly the same reason that scientists place satellites into outer space.
  • When we have to make a major decision, we often agonize over making the "right" one. Although there usually is no set right or wrong decision, some choices may be more attuned to your soul purpose than others. All paths ultimately lead to the same destination; some are just more direct than others are.
  • When we view our lives through our souls, we celebrate our uniqueness and the many gifts we have to offer the world. When we view our lives through our minds, we clearly see everything we ever did or said that was wrong. When we view our lives through our hearts, we agonize over everything we ever did or said that hurt others.
  • Each of us has a twin flame; a companion soul that was created at the same time and in the same place as our soul is. What we usually call our soul mate, however, is not our twin flame so much as one of a group of souls that we have chosen to share our lessons and experiences with over many lifetimes.