Millennium Meditation

This meditation is largely based on two meditations by Mark, channeled by Jonette Crowley on December 4 and 5, 1999 -  I have modified it quite a bit but I felt very guided in what I have done.  This is a fairly powerful meditation so please be very discerning as to who you share this with.  I am only releasing it because of the importance for as many light workers as possible to close the energy of the last millennia and to anchor the energy of the next one.  Spirit is not bound by time or space so feel free to use this at any time that you feel led to do so.

Invoke the presence of your guides to help create a sacred space.  Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.  Breathe into your heart center and focus your awareness there.  As you move your awareness deeper into your heart; you will come to a portal with large golden doors. Open the door and as you do so you are entering the heart of the Christos, the love/light/heart center for all of humanity.

Breathe into the Christos energy and expand it until your entire body is encompassed in a cocoon of Christos energy.  Now begin to send lines of light from the Christos within you to the Christos within others. Now send lines of light from your Christos center to the heart chakras of the guides you invoked earlier.  See this energy creating a large golden ball of energy - a group merkabbah.  As you enter the merkabbah, note that it is much bigger inside than it is outside.  Everyone gets a window seat.

The group merkabbah is traveling back in time to the Winter Solstice at Stonehenge in the year 999.  You do not need to do anything, the merkabbah knows how to get there.  Just lay back and enjoy the ride.  As you arrive in Stonehenge, it is a full moon.  There is a circle of Druids gathered in the circle around a circular stone altar in the center.  There is a circle of masters and angels and guides around the circle of Druids.

The Druids have just completed a ceremony where they released/cleansed/purified the energy of the first thousand years after the birth of Christ and they have anchored the energy for the next millennia.  We are here to release/cleanse/purify the second millennia after the birth of Christ and to anchor the third millennia.

The Druids, move away from their circle, inviting you to take your place in the circle around the stone altar.  On the stone altar is a lovely being of light who represents the energy/light/love/spirit of the second millennium.  This beautiful being of light hands each of us a globe of light representing the condensed energy of the second millennium. Everything that happened energetically in that millennium is encompassed in this globe.  The globe is heavy and has many frequencies of light and darkness within it.

You are now asked to radiate the love of the Christos within you to everything within this globe of light.  It is especially important to radiate this love to the dark areas inside the crystal.  You do not have to dwell on the dark areas or try to figure out what they represent - just radiate to them the love/light of the Chrystos.  As you radiate light to the dark areas, the clumps of darkness begin to break up and dissolve.  Focus on the light between the darkness and expand that energy using the Christos energy within.

You are dissolving the negativity of the past millennia so that it may be released with love.  This is a very very sacred task in that the energy that cannot be lovingly released from the old millennia will be incorporated into the new millennia.  After you have cleansed as much of your globe as possible, turn around and offer the globe to the masters encircling you.  Ask them to radiate their love and light and spirit to the globe to purify it even more.

After this is done, turn around and give the globe of light back to the radiant being on the altar.  Notice how dazzling brilliant and lighter the globe is now than it was when you were first given it.  As the radiant being on the altar, receives each ball of light, her radiance increases.  She thanks each of you for this act of service and descends into the stone altar.

A second after she descends into Mother Earth, a brilliant light being descends to the middle of the stone altar.  This is the being that will hold the energy of the third millennium.  Note how much brighter and brilliant and radiant this being is compared to the energy of the being that held the energy for the second millennium.  This is because the energy of the third millennium is very different from the one of the last one.  This being is very grateful for the work you have done and radiates gratitude and appreciation.

The being now offers you three gifts if you choose to accept them:
1.  An inoculation/vaccine for the energies of the millennium so that you can process/adapt to the energy more peacefully;
2.  An energetic alignment with your soul purpose for the new millennia;
3.  Light packets of information that can be anchored cellularly that are specifically aimed at what you individually need to know during the millennium.

The being now calls down a brilliant triple stranded helix.  This energy goes right through the middle of the stone altar.  This is the sacred geometry for the third millennium energy.  The being offers each of us the opportunity to energetically anchor this power energy into your body if you choose to do so.  This will dramatically hasten your individual personal/spiritual growth.

Basically, you are offered the opportunity to assume your power and to consciously co-create the future of the next millennium.  If you choose to accept this gift, the being asks you to commit to being who you truly are.  If you choose not to accept the gift at this time, you can come back to Stonehenge to receive it later.  

As a final gift, the being gives everyone a black leather pouch embossed with a golden triple helix.  This pouch contains, magical third millennium powder.  This powder can be used for many things from healing others/earth to manifesting.  The being commits to keeping the pouch filled at all times.

As you begin to exit Stonehenge, you notice that beings have arrived from 2999, here to close the energy you just anchored and to anchor the energy of the fourth millennium.  Some of these beings may even be you in a future incarnation!  You arrive back at the group merkabbah preparing for the journey back.  This time we will return one century at a time.  During each century we will each open the windows and dump the contents of our pouches of third millennium energy on each century.
* 1000 to 1100
* to 1200
* to 1300
* to 1400
* to 1500
* to 1600
* to 1700
* to 1800
* to 1900
* Now we begin returning decade by decade:
* to 1910
* to 1920
* to 1930
* to 1940
* to 1950
* to 1960
* to 1970
* to 1980
* to 1990
* to 1999

Come gently back into the room hearing the applause of your guides and the anguished screams of protests from librarians and historians asking "What happened to our history?"