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  • Spiritual evolution can be boiled down to one factor and that is how much love you can hold and radiate to others.

  • When you love another you create a space where he or she feels safe and loved and accepted for who they are.

  • When I can love and accept myself exactly as I am right now, then so will everyone else.

  • Our understanding of Love differs so much from that of the Goddess, that we seldom can appreciate the ways She reveals Her Love to us.

  • Of all the stuff we experience, only love is real.

  • I can never be separated from the Love of God, because that is who I AM.

  • For most of us, love and fear are tied together like a package. True love requires us to release fear, but this is hard to do because we are so used to this fearful love.

  • LOVE IS.

  • It is easier to love people when you focus on WHO they really are, not how they look or what they do. One of the things that I have learned from temping is that what people do is definitely not who they are.


  • I always want to classify love. Is this the love of a friend, sexual partner, sibling, parent, etc. Yet this compulsion to characterize love deadens it.

  • Only people steeped in Love see clearly.

  • We are terrified of the power of Love and thus we seek to control its expression.

  • I read once that the Communion of Saints is comprised of those who live within the energy of Love. I think that this is very true.

  • Our hearts are a lot like pecans: They are usually covered with a hard shell that holds bitter and sweet parts deep within. Right now the Light and Love and Grace of the Goddess is dissolving the exterior shells, but our ultimate destination lies in how much of the inner stuff is sweet (loving) and how much is bitter (fearful). You can always get rid of the bitter, however, by releasing it through forgiveness.

  • To open your heart, you must first tear down the walls you have built in the past - brick by brick.

  • Spiritual Love is deep and impersonal. A lot of what we call love on Earth is often just an attachment to a person or a relationship.

  • All paths rooted in Love lead to God.

  • Buddhism stresses the importance of compassion more than Christianity does. I've always thought this was odd, because the core of Jesus' life and teaching was love, and compassion is simply applied love or love-in-action.

  • When nations and states and the people in them do not act with compassion, then life will not treat them compassionately either.

  • I don't like hanging out with people who are not compassionate, because I don't want to get slimed when the mud they fling out boomerangs back to them.

  • God is Love and true Love has no room for judgment. We judge our loved ones only because we do not understand the extent and power and nature of unconditional love.

  • Love - true Love - is beyond limits/boundaries/forms/relationships. Love is the fire in the soul - the only thing in life that really matters. Love is the heart, soul and core of everyone and everything: For Love is God and it permeates the whole of creation.

  • To awaken is just to allow the love inside of ourselves to be free: To loose, unleash and unbind our love. We are children of God because we are gifted with the potential to love.

  • While we live on Earth, we are like a tiny droplet of water from the vast Sea of Spirit. Through the power of Love, we are able to combine our drops with others to form a glass of Spirit, and this makes us feel more at home here. When someone we love "dies", they remove their droplet of Spirit from the glass and it becomes one with the Ocean of Spirit from whence it sprang. However, everyone who contributes to the glass of Sprit keenly mourns the loss of that one drop.

  • For each spiritual quality like love, peace and joy, there exists a place in creation that is dedicated solely to that vibration. You can build a bridge of light to this trait by getting into a meditative state (calm and peaceful), concentrating upon the desired trait, and visualizing a bridge of light spanning from your heart to the place where that vibration is strongest. You can also use this technique to heal a relationship by spinning a bridge of light to the soul of that person. LaUna Huffines’ book, Bridge of Light, explains these techniques in great detail (H J Kramer Inc., 1993).

  • The greatest miracle of all is that God loves us unconditionally. We don’t have to do anything at all. God is so wonderful!

  • Many Americans attempt to satisfy their hunger for Love with food.

  • How much weight you carry depends more on how many times you have thought "Love hurts; I don't want to love anymore; I always get burned by love," than on what or how much you eat. When you generate a lot of thoughts like these, your body creates a layer of flesh to protect your heart.

  • We would all wake up instantly if we could love ourselves even one millionth as much as God loves us.

  • Heaven arrives when we love ourselves as much as God loves us.

  • Love is the glue that binds the universes together. Creation is wholly and solely sustained by the Love of God.



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