Learn More About Bill Austin's Most Powerful & Popular Self Improvement  and Spiritual Healer Training Programs


Universal Clearing Profile

Bill's most popular healer training product! Once you are attuned to access and utilize the Universal Clearing Profile, you can clear, transmute, heal and release many negative and dysfunctional thoughts and feelings within seconds. One of the greatest advantages of the Universal Clearing Profile is that you can begin to use it within five minutes of getting attuned and you do not need any experience in energy healing to benefit from this tool. This is the one tool that Bill personally uses each and every day!

Practical Mastery Healer Training

The goal of Practical Mastery is to empower you to live as a master in a third dimensional planet.  This body of work helps you realize your full potential and experience optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well being on all levels. Practical Mastery? helps you to clear negative energy patterns, release dysfunctional beliefs, embody positive emotions and become more peaceful and centered. Perhaps the biggest benefit from becoming attuned to Practical Mastery is the freedom that you experience personally as you release thousands of blocks, barriers and layers of self sabotage that you did not know you were surrounded with.

Crystalline Rainbow Reiki Healer Training

Although Bill Austin has been attuned as a Reiki Master in numerous systems (Usui, Karuna, Lightarian, Kundalini, Violet Flame, etc.),  he never felt drawn to work with Reiki healing frequencies. Then one day when he was meditating he got that he needed to download a Heart Paradigm version of Reiki that he later called Crystalline Rainbow Reiki. It is a very powerful healing frequency to help heal the body, heart, mind and soul on all levels.

Blasting Sessions Healer Training

After Bill Austin downloaded a series of very powerful Energy Healing, Clearing and Blasting sessions, he realized that these sessions could help many other people who he would never interact with. So Bill began attuning some of his healer friends to transmit the line of blasting sessions to their clients and it was such a powerful addition to their toolkits, he began attuning healers around the world to be able to transmit the blasting sessions to themselves and others.

Healer Training Support Package of MP3 Audio Recordings 

Most of Bill Austin's clients are spiritual healers and highly evolved souls that often are very empathic. Bill created a group of MP3 audio recordings to help healers to stay as clear as possible when working with other people. Some of the six recordings are for Preparing for a Healing Session; Clearing Yourself after a Healing Session; Releasing Doubts, Fear, Distrust and Self Sabotage around Healing Yourself and Others; Creating and Maintaining Strong and Healthy Energetic Boundaries between Yourself and Others; Expanding Your Clarity, Compassion, Intuition, Wisdom, Capacity, Capability and Ability to Heal Yourself and Others. These recordings can help not only healers but also people who want to heal themselves and empaths who often take on the negative energies from other people.

Angelic Mastery Healer Training

Bill Austin and Anita Briggs collaborated to create a very powerful line of Angelic Conscious Embodying sessions to help people to transform the fear-oriented emotions to love-oriented ones. Bill and Anita attune spiritual healers and people interested in growing spiritually so that they can transmit to themselves and others the 333 Angelic Conscious Embodiment sessions.

Angelic Feng Shui Healer Training

Bill Austin and Moni Castaneda have developed a line of Feng Shui healing books and products. Bill believes that a healthy and energetically clear home promotes optimal health and well being on all levels. Recently Bill and Moni created a new healing modality called Angelic Feng Shui to help and empower people to clear the energy of their home, cars, land, money and all personal and real property.

Pet and Animal Healer Training 

Several years ago, gifted Animal Communicator Melinda Knights from Australia asked Bill Austin to create a pet and animal healing modality. After six months of testing, they released the Universal Pet and Animal Clearing and Healing Modality. Bill and Melinda developed several pet and animal healing products to provide user friendly ways to offer holistic healing support for our animal companions.

User Friendly Healing and Self Help Tools

The Universal Clearing Profile was such a big success that Bill Austin decided to create a set of very simple, easy-to-use tool that people could apply to receive as much clearing, healing and energetic support that they could with divine ideal integration. After meditating, Bill downloaded four tools for Clearing, Healing, Freedom and Joy.


Highlighted Healer Training and Self Growth Course - Practical Mastery Training Program

My passion in life is to empower you to open your heart, align with your soul, realize your full potential, to enhance the quality of your daily life and to master the third dimensional school we call Planet Earth.

I am not so much into unbalanced growth for the sake of growth as much as I am in helping you to tap into the power of universal laws and spiritual principles to create a life that works and supports you on all levels.

I call this concept practical mastery and I named my first healing modality after this. In a way the Practical Mastery? body of work is about giving people the tools they need to clear and heal themselves. It is my encyclopedia for self help, growth, healing and improvement.

This modality is comprised of hundreds of powerful sessions for clearing, healing, abundance, emotional mastery and enlightenment. Many people who are trained in this modality are not healers at all - just highly dedicated people who are committed to their path and who are ready to shift.


My User Friendly Approach to Healer Training and Self Directed Growth:

When I was studying spiritual healing, I worked with a lot of different healers and pretty much used all of my time off from my regular job to attend healing workshops all over the world. In 2004 I began training healers in one of the modalities I used to work with and traveled all over the US offering classes.

I found that not only was this very time consuming and disruptive of my daily life but also that I usually spent more money on air fare, hotels and meals than I did on the workshop. I also found that often we got behind on the schedule and had to rush through the last part of the class which I personally found very frustrating. I resolved at this point that if I ever taught people a healing modality that I would do things differently.

In late 2005 when I brought in the Practical Mastery and Enlightenment modality with hundreds of sessions, I got that I needed to train people in this modality. I thought about this for a long time and I decided to attune people for Practical Mastery and provide a detailed manual so that people could go through the material on their own. This technique worked so well for this modality that I used it for all the modalities I brought in after it.

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