Recommended Daily Spiritual Practices 

Physical Body:

  Ø       Take at least 15 deep breaths into your belly the first thing that you wake up and the last thing before you go to sleep at night.
Ø       Say with feeling out loud “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better and better.”  As you say this visualize every aspect of your body and your life getting better and better.  Really feel yourself improving.
Ø       Drink lots of water.
Ø       After a session, it is highly recommended that you take a bath in either Epsom or sea salt.

 Emotional Body:

  Ø       When something or someone irritates you or you feel an emotional charge around an issue or event, take a time out.  Say to yourself “I want to clear the emotional charge I have around this.”
Ø       This gives you a ten minute grace period to change the energy you have around this emotional charge.  You need to clear it within this ten minutes or else you will become activated again.
Ø       If you have a ritual to clear situations, apply it to the one that you are activated about.  Check in with the situation or person or event the next day and if there is still some emotional charge around it, you still need to clear it.
Ø       Most people have already cleared hundreds of the emotional charges they came in with, but the remaining ones are really huge for people.  It is important to keep clearing them until you are no longer activated.

Mental Body:

Ø       Saying I AM Decrees out loud several times a day is very helpful to keep the mental body tuned up.  Connect with your soul and ask what would be the best decree for where you are right now.  Some examples are:

      1.       I am the light of the world.
2.       I am powerful.
3.       I am a pillar of strength, love and joy.
4.   I am all that is or was or ever shall be.








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