Receiving Your Crystalline/Ultra-Violet Body of Light

This session was inspired by the ground-breaking work of Jill Marie Wood, who founded Serenity Vibration Heaing™.  In this session, I assist your god self and soul to transform the illusion of of your physical body to the reality of a Crystalline Body or that of the Ultra-Violet body if you are already operating from the crystalline body of light. 

"Hi. Thanks so much for the Crystalline Body of Light (old name for this session) - I feel awesome! I feel very powerful and strong today. My heart feels more open and I am guided to do more work with you, Bill, because of this experience. Your kindness and grace shine thru! Most Excellent! I look forward to working more with you in the future as well, Bill.  Thanks for your kindness and compassion. Namaste."  (Gary Tee, Virginia)

Your new body will appear to be organic, but in truth the organs have all been transformed to a swirling energy body.  The crystalline body carries the frequency of a crystalline vibration, which is a finer and higher vibration than the organic body is able to attain.  Many of the new babies being born on the planet are coming in with crystalline bodies and this is why they are called crystal children.

A crystalline body can reach an higher vibration ten times faster and hold it ten times longer than an organic body can.  The crystalline body is a gift of mastery.  Many ascended masters on this planet have dedicated their entire lives to building a crystalline body of light.  It is an incredible gift.  The crystalline body of light is the one that the Crystalline Christ children entered the planet with.

The ultra-violet body of light is a new upgrade for the planet and a Divine Dispensation of grace for humanity.  It is only now being anchored into the planet by over 4,000 children and these numbers will grow over time.  It is the most evolved body/operating system on the planet at this time.

As you read through the descriptions for this session, please go within and ask Spirit and your soul if this session would benefit you before you add it to your shopping cart.  This simple step will enhance the effectiveness of the transmission immensely. The cost of this session is $144.  I will do the work within four business days after I receive your payment.

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