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When I studied financial planning,  I attempted to combine both the spiritual and material rules governing money in one document. I would like to summarize some of the major spiritual laws governing money in this document as well:


Our Higher Self and Soul and Monad are naturally abundant. If our personality is not experiencing abundance and success and prosperity, it is because our consciousness holds beliefs that obstruct the natural flow of abundance.


Every aspect of our external world including our finances is created by the internal beliefs we hold. If money has become a problem for you, you must examine the beliefs you have about money.


The beliefs we hold about money come primarily from three sources. Our society has a scarcity consciousness in that there is a deeply imbedded fear that there is not enough abundance to go around, there is not enough good for everyone. There is also a great deal of resentment toward the "haves" from the "have-nots." Know that if you harbor resentment toward wealthy people, you are very unlikely to ever become wealthy yourself.


Many of your money beliefs come from your family. Ask yourself what did my family believe about money and how did that affect them? The third major source of money beliefs come from your personal experiences with money.


After you examine and clarify your money beliefs, you can begin to transform them by affirming new money beliefs, visualizing a more abundant future and magnetizing this future to yourself.


As you begin to grow spiritually and to fulfill your soul/life purpose for this incarnation, you begin to become happier and to naturally draw into your life the financial resources you need. When you begin to support the universe by doing your life’s work, the Universe begins supporting you as well.


Money is energy. As abundance filters down to you from your Higher Self and Soul, you need to give some of it away. If you don’t share your abundance, the flow dries up because it cannot circulate and it becomes stagnant.


You must be willing to receive from others as well for when you are unwilling to receive from others, you cut down on the flow of abundance to both yourself and others. Many people cannot receive from others because they do not love or accept themselves. A lot of people believe in their hearts that they do not deserve to enjoy abundance.


You should try to save part of the money that comes to you. A savings account promotes inner peace which is the state of mind required to easily manifest and magnetize abundance and prosperity. Also like attracts like and money in the bank attracts more money in the bank to you.

  • Materially oriented people view money as a means to help themselves, whereas spiritually oriented people view money as a means to help others.
  • Desire unlocks our inner power. Saints become saints through their single-minded desire and longing to love and to know and to serve God. Billionaires become wealthy through their single-minded desire and longing to acquire money. Whatever you want, you will get if your desire is strong enough. "Seek and ye shall find; knock and the door shall be opened unto you."
  • We must embrace abundance in our body, heart and mind before we attain it.
  • How can God love us and not provide good things for us?
  • We often think that we have to earn or deserve our good. In reality, good flows to us from the Love of God. Good is our natural inheritance as children of God.
  • When we place conditions on our good, we limit its flow.
  • We have to the extent that we accept. It is as important to gracefully receive from others as it is to give to others.
  • Manifestation occurs when intention and allowing go hand in hand.
  • Setting goals is good to the extent that it establishes a mental pattern or blueprint of what you want. But when you set goals to define how to get there, you tie the hands of God and limit the ways your good can come to you.
  • Our true wealth comes from the flow of ideas to us from the Creator.
  • People often view the effect of their supply as the cause of it. Our supply or source of all good things comes from the I AM Presence within. Our supply does not come from our job, our spouse, our family, our bank account, or our investments; although each of these can be a channel for your good to flow from. Your money is your energy, and your energy always comes from within.
  • Everything in life flows and if an area of your life doesn't flow, know that it is meant to.
  • A lot of wealthy people have miserable health because they cling on to the money that comes to them, and they do not let it flow. The money in your life reflects your energy, and when you constrict or bottle-up your energy, it often leads to constricted health.
  • Blessed are those who give because when you share your abundance with others, the universe shares its abundance with you.
  • I try to treat others well because I want to be treated well myself.
  • People who settle for less, get less.
  • Aladdin is a powerful myth for us because we each have a magic lamp, which we call our imagination.
  • There are two ways to manifest. We can either set goals and visualize like crazy or we can trust the Goddess to meet our needs. When you trust God, however, you never know what He thinks you need.
  • What we want and what we need are usually two different things. Very few people are wise enough or detached enough to set goals that will fulfill them.
  • Often we set goals for material fulfillment when what we REALLY desire is spiritual fulfillment. True fulfillment comes when we find God, NOT when we meet our goals.
  • If we seized the opportunities that pop up for us as fast as birds separate out the sunflower seeds from bird food, we would all enjoy success and overflowing abundance.
  • The fattest cats are always the best and quickest pouncers.
  • The wealthiest people are those who have the fewest desires.
  • Lack emerges from the false belief in a limited supply of good.
  • A very powerful exercise is to record your income and expenses for a month.  If you do this daily for a month, you will learn amazing things about your financial life.









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