Prosperity Codes I Activation Package

Of all the products Anita, Rama and I have co-created, I am perhaps the most excited about this one. I listened to this recording this morning for the very first time and I could feel shifts taking place and my DNA/RNA and genetics literally being rewired for abundance and it is only $47 - what a great deal.  Very exciting!!!

The Prosperity Codes is an activation-packed program designed to support you toward embodying principles of wealth and prosperity consciousness. In particular, the audio activations will shift your relationship to money, prosperity, and wealth, and align you more deeply with your full potential so that your means of wealth generation is fully expressive of your true nature and in harmony with the divine universal laws of creation, thereby opening you to receive more richly and with greater ease and grace. The audio was developed specifically to support accelerated integration of many of the principles taught in The Spirituality of Wealth Program (SOWP) ( ), and is offered in a standalone product because of its power and effectiveness at shifting people in fundamental ways toward embodying prosperity consciousness.

Contained in this package are FOUR powerful vibrational tools, as follows:

  • A 45-minute audio with fourteen powerful prosperity consciousness activations;
  • A set of 14 vibrationally encoded images to expand on the activations and bring in additional support from many spiritual Councils supporting humanity to fulfill greater potential;
  • Sets of specially coded trigger affirmations that will activate the Affirmation Enhancer Tool for you, providing another convenient means to accelerate and deepen the shifts;
  • A 40-page manual this is itself an interactive energy clearing tool, allowing you to release limitations in all fourteen areas of activation while you read the discussion that broadens their scope and relate it to your situation and conditions.

The cost of the Prosperity Codes Activation Package is just $47!


If you have already ordered the Spirituality of Wealth Program, you can access the Prosperity Codes-I Activation Package by going to the download page you were given when you ordered the SOWP.

There is no saturation point with any of these tools, as they are portals to infinite coding. They may be repeated as often as you like, and each time further clearing, reprogramming, and awakening will be achieved. There is no limit to how deeply you can align with your spiritual power or bring forth self-expression that imparts value to the world and attracts prosperity into your life.


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The fourteen activations on this recording are for:

1.      Reprogram how you view and relate to money so it is completely positive and aligned to becoming wealthy.

2.      Clear effects from other people that inhibit you from being wealthy and prosperous.

3.      Clear all vows and patterns of poverty from past lives and ancestry (genetic and DNA level).

4.      Mental Body Clearing & Reprogramming: Clear all thought patterns, soul energies, and karmic patterns that are inhibiting the manifestation of wealth, and instil new codes making you magnetic to flows of money coming into your life.

5.      Emotional Body Clearing & Reprogramming: Clear all emotional patterns of lack and instil a sense of self-confidence and deserving of success and abundance. Instils a sense of being an infinite being here to evolve and grow, and worthy of being safe, secure, fulfilled and happy.

6.      Open new channels of wealth that are aligned to your true self. Discovery of new avenues for making money and new perspectives in making it. Instils sense of drawing on source of infinite prosperity, which is your divine nature.

7.      Align your method of making money with ever deeper expressions of self.   Optimizes the method of generating money flows that will engage your whole being, thus increasing your capacity to receive richly. We are here to deeply express ourselves in unique ways that will naturally benefit all of creation.

8.      Open up to spiritual guidance. This activation will increase your intuition, dream state, and insights so that you are guided clearly on how to move toward your prosperity.

9.      Reprogram your emotional state regarding money. Clears all worry about finances and transforms that energy into positive action toward benefiting and improving your financial situation.

10.  Shift how you think about your creations so they are aligned both to practical matters (e.g. who your target audience is) and personal fulfilment.  

11.  Align all your creative thoughts to your Higher Self nature and the life plan or mission you came to do. This ensures that you are fully aligned and in harmony with Creation. In perfect alignment, nothing can block ever growing abundance and fulfilment.

12.  Ensure that your wealth acquisition methods benefit all the people involved, so that you are perfectly aligned to the principle of increase of life and benefit to all.

13.  Being in the energies of completeness, wholeness, fulfilment with regards to your financial dreams NOW.  You will become magnetic to the fulfilment of your dreams, thus accelerating them in your reality

14.  Via the Affirmation Enhancer Tool, you will become perfectly aligned to your specific dreams of prosperity.

Fundamental Principles of the Prosperity Code Activation Series

Fundamental principles underlying all the activations in the Prosperity Codes series are listed below. As you work with the various Vibrational Tools in each package, you will increasingly embody these eternal truths in your being and radiate their frequencies, magnetizing you to all the good that is your due.

  • Unlimited supply or wealth is accessible to you from the love that you are.
  • You are an infinite being of infinite power and potential, and your very nature is abundant.
  • Life/Creation/God desires of you that you thrive and prosper, bringing forth your unique truth and gifts to full expression in your life.
  • Your covenant with the Creator is written in joy; find your joy, and there shall you find your true purpose.
  • All true desire comes from the Soul, and is God/Goddess expressing through you.
  • The greatest gift you can give to the world is the gift of yourself—the gift of self-realization.
  • Ever greater expression of Self is the only path to true and unbounded joy.
  • You have the God-given right to live in fullness and to seek all the blessings of life.
  • The way to dispel the illusion of poverty and struggle in the world is to become personally prosperous and welcome divine ease and grace into your life.
  • Your role in creation is to envision and create from the love and uniqueness that you are.
  • As you prosper with your whole being, you inspire others to prosper.
  • When you prosper with your whole being, you bring new wealth into the world that was not there before. Though it may come to you through established means, all that you receive does not take away from others, but rather augments the manifested supply.
  • The Earth has no limits in her capacity to support us in evolution as beings of love.




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