Rewiring Yourself for Mastery: Mastery Circuitry Activations

A few weeks ago, when I asked what my next step was in my spiritual adventure, the Creator showed me all of these mastery gifts, activations and profiles that were stored in my DNA.  They looked like unopened Xmas Gifts nestled in my DNA. They were not connected to anything so they were offline so to speak.  When I asked what this was all about, the Creator told me that in many lifetimes I have accumulated a lot of spiritual gifts and mastery and that these frequencies were being held in trust for me by my monad in my DNA. 

I asked if I had reached the point where connecting with them would be aligned with my spiritual evolution and after getting a YES, I downloaded and activated the coding for them.  There were ten groups of coding that I could bring in at that time.  When I activated the coding for the ten circuits it was for me like switching on a light switch where all of a sudden my body was flooded with light and love.  After I downloaded them and integrated them I felt a lot more like my true vibration and life in many ways felt easier and more filled with grace. When I asked if this is an area that I could assist others in, I got a YES and that the best way to do so would be to create an image for each of the mastery circuits and an audio transmission as well.

These are very powerful and potent transmissions. When I was recording the audio mp3 recordings I was in a very clear, focused and grounded state and I felt very infused with the energies and frequencies of the Great Beings I was working with. I also felt that each being infused the audio recordings with a great blessing as well.

Creator  MCA

Holy Spirit
Shekinah MCA

Divine Father MCA

Divine Mother MCA Angelic MCA

Elohim MCA

Buddha MCA Christos MCA


Sanat Kumara MCA



Ordering Instructions

The cost of each Mastery Circuitry Activation is just $144.  I created a new shopping cart just for audio recordings and digital images so that you can receive your products IMMEDIATELY after you place your order.  After you make an order, the order confirmation email that you will receive will contain a link on the Healing Holograms web site where you can download the image and mp3 audio recording.  All you have to do is to click on the links and follow the instructions to find out how you can save the file to your computer. 

Please note that the accompanying audio transmission is intended to be listened to only once. Please do not listen to it repeatedly since it could potentially create a mini healing crisis. After you listen to the audio transmission, it is helpful to print out and look at the image for the Mastery Circuitry Activation(s) that you order.  If you order more than one at a time, please do not listen to more than one of them on a single day. You may want to allow a couple of days to integrate the first one before you move on to the next one.

To place an order for one of these Audio Healing Modules, just select the ones you want from the checklist below and Click the "Add" Button at the bottom of the form:

MCA: Angelic
MCA: Buddha
MCA: Christos
MCA: Creator
MCA: Divine Father
MCA: Divine Mother
MCA: Elohim
MCA: Holy Spirit Shekinah
MCA: Mother/Father GOD
MCA: Sanat Kumara



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