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Align with God Calibration

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The core of each major spiritual teaching is that you are part of God and everything that you need lies within you. Yet our ego identification and personality resist this to the fullest extent possible because they are afraid that if we truly become one with God that they will die. Truly the path to utter misery is looking outside ourselves for the answers, for healing, for enlightenment, etc.  I know because I have been there, done this and truly I was never happy or fulfilled or content. 

Below is a list of affirmations or prayer that I use several times throughout the day to help me to align with GOD and to stay centered and balanced.  You may want to write out your own version using your own language.  After the affirmations is an image (cube) that I have calibrated to match the energies of the affirmations.  This image  can help you to align with God within you and empower you to work with God directly for clearing of your energy fields, ego and fear and alignment with truth. I recommend that you use these affirmations and download the frequencies on the calibrated image daily to help you stay connected with your God Self.

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Align with GOD Calibration and Prayer

Calibrated Image to Help YOU to Align with GOD





I AM Aligned with GOD Calibration

  • I now align with GOD. I am one with GOD. GOD please clear and remove any blocks or obstacles I have to becoming one with you or any blocks I have to becoming 100% sovereign.  GOD please fill me with love, peace, grace, healing and truth.
  • GOD please help me to surrender as much as I can at this time to you. GOD please place me into a state of serenity and clarity and optimal functioning and well-being. GOD please clear my past. GOD please open my heart and mind to the fullest extent possible at this time.
  • GOD please align my ego with the will of GOD. GOD please deactivate my ego and open me to oneness. GOD please deactivate, deprogram and shut down any and all interference, mind control, subversion, subjugation and any matrix energies within my energetic systems, spaces and my quantum fields, parts and particles. GOD please deprogram me from mass, duality and tribal consciousness and deprogram me from family and religious programming. GOD please illuminate my shadow and dissolve as much of it as is possible at this time from my quantum fields, parts and particles and from my energetic systems.
  • God please clear me of attachments that are less than Divine. God shield me of attachments that are less than Divine. God please align my ego to the Divine. God transform me into a hollow reed, for the Divine energy to flow through. God please align my will with the will of the Divine. God align my vessel of light with the Divine vessel of light. God please align my mind with the Divine.
  • GOD I ask for a new alignment and a deeper relationship with you. GOD please raise my level of consciousness as well as my love, light, service and Christ consciousness quotients to the highest levels that I can tolerate now. GOD please align me with the Truth and Love and Light of GOD on all levels to the fullest extent possible at this time. GOD please help me to be peaceful, serene, compassionate and nonattached.
  • GOD please blast, clear, release and heal on all levels any disturbed energies; less-than-love interference; matrix energies; karma; cords; discrepancies; curses, spells and hexes; dense, stuck, slow, stagnant, congested energies; less-than-love energies; negative thoughts, attitudes and emotions; entities, implants, and any non-me frequencies, etc. going beyond all that I know to ask for from my aura, energetic systems and quantum fields and particles.  GOD please extend this clearing to my business, web sites, home, land, personal property, car and personal office space
  • GOD please clear any underlying patterns or energetic anchors, allowings and permissions or auric leaks, rips and tears going beyond all that I know to ask for in my energy field that creates an opening for any less-than-love, non-me frequencies to enter my quantum fields, aura, energetic systems, business, web site, home, real and personal property, car, etc.  GOD please clear out any and all energetic anchorings, allowings and permissions that allow me to be influenced and/or interfered with by the dark side.
  • GOD please heal my body, mind, heart and soul to the fullest extent possible at this time.GOD please clear, heal, upgrade and recalibrate all of my chakras up to function at the level of 100% and in the divine ideal level of opening, direction, spin and flow. GOD please heal my DNA and any genetic predispositions that allow or support an energetic imbalance to the fullest extent possible now. GOD please heal all of my energy bodies, quantum and subatomic fields, energetic systems, etc.
  • GOD please clear, release and heal my cellular memory, addictive patterns and programming, impatience, lust, greed, unkindness, sarcasm, core fear, trauma, guilt, shame, depression, stress, anxiety, tension, worry, grieving and memories as much as is possible at this time.
  • GOD please clear out all energetic patterns around doubt; deserving; feeling unloved, unappreciated or unsupported; loneliness; self sabotage; and lack of self love, esteem and acceptance from my consciousness at all levels of my being.  GOD please clear any blocks I have to giving, receiving, flow, abundance and any blocks that obstruct my ability to connect with the universal flow of abundance.
  • GOD please clear me from learning my lessons by playing them out in the physical plane of duality. GOD please release me from the limitations, bondages and constraints of cause/effect, time, money, energy, duality consciousness, drama and processing.
  • GOD please establish a perimeter 5,000 miles long in all directions around my quantum fields and particles, consciousness, aura and energetic systems, as well as around my web sites so that no thing or being with less than 100% Love can enter into this sacred space or impact me or my web sites in any less than 100% Love manner.

The energies of this meditation or prayer or affirmations has been encoded in the image below.


Calibrated Image to Help YOU to Align with GOD

The energies and frequencies from the list of affirmations above has been encoded into the image below.  As  you look at the cube below, take several deep breaths, get centered in your heart and ask if it is in your highest good to accept these energies.  If you get a YES, all you have to do is say: "God I choose to align with you. Please calibrate these energies and transmit them to me in the divine ideal way.  Thank you!"











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I am now offering a free spiritual healer session via email several times each week to participants in this program.










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